Announcing the Birthday Bonanza Week of Giveaways!!!

So guess what??? My birthday is next week! Wheee!!!

To be clear, I’m not excited for my birthday for me, I’m excited for YOU!! Because even though it’s MY birthday, YOU get the presents!!
This idea for this giveaway started with me wanting to share with you some of the things I have or would have purchased for myself – my favorite things!

(Scroll down for the links to the actual giveaways)

Four days, seven giveaways:

There will be a new giveaway posted every twelve hours for four days. I am so excited and grateful to each of these fabulous companies for sponsoring these wonderful giveways!!!

Get ready, the first giveaway will be posted first thing Monday morning!!!

Oh, and I would love it if you would add the button to your sidebar, or tweet/facebook the giveaway to help spread the word!! You can find the code in my sidebar. Thank you!!!

UPDATE – Here is the full list of giveaways, which I will be adding to as they are posted:

Union Jack Pillow from Sweet Tea & Linen (ends Thursday, May 17)
Hand Stamped Jewelry from Hello Lovely (ends Thursday, May 17)
PB&Jcreations Hand-Painted sign  (ends Thursday, May 17)
The Shine Project two handstamped necklaces (ends Thursday, May 17)
On Your Case iPhone case (ends Thursday, May 17)
Tupperware Surprise Pack (ends Thursday, May 17)



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  1. says

    Oooooooo…… I’m excited! Thanks, kristin, for hosting such fun giveaways! Although, I kinda wish you could keep it all since its YOUR birthday!! Happy birthday, sweet girl :)

  2. says

    Happy Birthday!! I look forward to your birthday gifts!! I will be following regularly! Nice blog1 I’ll spread the word over @ Shoestring Elegance!!

  3. says

    Happy Birthday Cute Girl!!! What a GREAT idea to share your birthday with the blogworld!
    I will be sure to share this on FB :)

  4. says

    Only in Blogland does someone’s birthday result in present for other people! hanks for lining up the giveaways, you’re such a sweetheart. I hope YOUR birthday is filled with loved ones and a great time!!
    xo Becca

  5. says

    Happy Birthday to YOU!!

    I love the handstamped jewelry by “Hello Lovely”, always wanted something like that! Also the handpainted sign by PB & J Creations. Of course anything would make me happy!:)

    I shared with my friends on Facebook!

    Lulabelle/ Lolita

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