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Only three days of our fabulous Gratitude series left! It’s been an amazing couple of weeks and I have received so many emails from people sharing how the series has touched their lives. We have four more before the series comes to a close. Click here for the complete list of posts.

Hi friends of Simply Klassic Home! I’m so excited to be here today for this wonderful series that Kristin is doing at such a perfect time of year as we approach the appropriate holiday to be thankful, to be grateful, and to take time to appreciate what’s around us. 

My name is Pamela, and I’ve been blogging for about a year and half at  My blog originated from the stories of my family, and how we are slowly but surely turning our house into a home.  PB&J came from the initials of our names, Pamela, Billy & Jackson.  If you don’t already follow me via my blog, or social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter,  or Instagram then you may not know we have a fourth joining our family in February.

It’s a month of taking time to say what we’re thankful for, and while it should be done throughout the year… it’s easy to get absorbed by our daily lives and forget to take the time to be thankful and appreciate what we have in our lives.

I’ve been in a very maternal state lately as I’m approaching the end of my pregnancy and realizing that another bundle of love is about to join our family of three.  I have had a unique experience with my son, we’ve had a lot of one on one time together over the past four years and a part of me is sad to have those daily moments gone.  My husband has been on two deployments during our son’s life, so for a total of a year and a half of his four years, I’ve had him “all to myself.”  I also was a stay at home mom with him for the first two years so every minute of everyday was centered around him. 

PBJstories Gratitude Motherhood 3

I never pictured myself as “maternal” or counting the days I was going to be a mother before we had our son join our family.  It was a bit of a surprise when he blessed us with his soul but, it’s something I wouldn’t change in the world.  Being a mother has become who I am. 

I am grateful for those moments that Mothers get to experience. 

When their little arms reach up to you to be held by you.

When they snuggle in tightly and lay their heads on you and their bodies melt into yours and you feel you could stay there forever.

When I peek in at night and he’s snuggled up holding on tight to his best friend, his stuffed Monkey, like he’ll never let go of him.

When they’re crying so hard from an owe, and your kiss takes away all the pain.

When they tell you they love you, without you saying it to them first.

Watching them attempt big tasks for the first time, and seeing the excitement of accomplishing them.
Like pouring milk into cereal, solving their hardest puzzle, or buttoning their pj’s.

Watching them play in the bath and hearing their imagination come to life.

Seeing them share their toys with friends at school, or answer questions you didn’t know they knew.

I’m grateful my husband and I are able to have a baby girl join our family. I cannot begin to express the happiness and excitement I have to meet this baby girl that’s growing healthy and happily inside me. I am grateful I get to experience the joys of watching another one of our children grow up, and learn, and accomplish goals and live a life we are a part of. And I’m only four years in so far.  I have an entire lifetime of gratefulness of my children ahead of me.

PBJstories Gratitude Motherhood

And it’s those moments I want to continue to treasure, and love, and hold onto when I hit those times where frustration can overtake me. 

I don’t want the moments of frustration, complaining, fatigue, and hardships to ever overcome the moments I’m grateful for. When I am unsure if I’m enough for my children, am I loving them enough, do I teach them the right lessons, should I be doing “this” instead of “that.” When I’m unsure of myself as a mother. When I’m scared for those moments that you learn you can’t always protect your children. I want to remember that I am grateful of their love, and as their mother I may not always be perfect, but I am trying my hardest and that is all they will ever ask.

PBJstories Gratitude Motherhood 2

I’m making a promise to myself, and to my kids, and my husband that they will always know it is for them I am grateful. I don’t want to wait until this month every year to tell them I appreciate all they do, and who they are in my life. I want them to go to bed every night knowing they are my world.

It can sound easy, but it’s also easier to be consumed by our daily lives. Be consumed by hecticness of our schedules, and fatigue, and not letting go of the small things.

Instead. I choose to be grateful of the little things.

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As parents, I think we all struggle with being grateful for those small moments. It’s so difficult when we are busy trying to wash dishes, clean the bathroom, fold laundry, make lunches…the list goes on. Thanks Pam for the reminder!



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    That was so beautiful. I have three children and sometimes I get burnt out and sometimes I ignore the mess and lay on the floor with them and help them make an even bigger mess. These times are when the children are the happiest and if I can let go my anxiety of a messy house I can be truly happy with them. If we do not enjoy them we are missing out on the best times in our life!

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