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Welcome to the BBC! The Beginner Blogger’s Club is a month-long series of posts that include both beginner blogger features and tips from the pros. For more information on the series, read the full BBC post here.
Today I have another beautiful beginner to share with you.
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My name is Andrea! My blog, Modern yet Old-Fashioned, is my outlet for sharing my cooking, crafting, and life views with others out there who share similar interests. 

I am a wife to an amazing man and the mother of three awesome children, who keep me very busy; but when there is a moment of peace, I really enjoy blogging. 
My family and I are continuously trying to be as natural and organic as possible, in all aspects of our lives, and I love blogging about that! 
I have enjoyed blogging thus far and plan to continue to share and blog!

A question for you seasoned bloggers: My biggest problem is scheduling. How do you make the time to blog with a busy schedule?

Be sure to stop by Andrea’s blog and say hello!

I’m going to go ahead and answer Andrea’s question, and I hope that some of you seasoned bloggers will answer as well, in the comments.

How do I make time to blog? I don’t. 
I don’t have a set time each day that I sit down at my computer and write posts. Sometimes I start posts in the morning and finish them at night. Sometimes I take photos of a project, edit them, write a post and publish it all within a few hours. I’m constantly thinking of things I’d like to blog about, but I don’t do well with deadlines. I prefer to just let the posts come as they may. I feel like the best posts come when I’m ready to write about them, not when I have to.
What about you? Do you schedule your blogging?


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  1. says

    What cute projects! If Trish and I did not do our blog together, well, we just would not have the time. Our families are number one! We share the responsibilities and our kids are varied ages 4-12. So, we tend to break it up based on who has time when kids are in school. If it doesn’t get done that is OK. We plan, but try not to schedule because that puts tremendous pressure on us. As your life changers, so will your blog.

  2. says

    What a cute blog Andrea has. I do not usually schedule posts. I kinda blog as I go. Most of my posts are written and photographed that day. I find I do better for myself on the fly. That way I don’t have pressure on myself as well. I am fortunate to be a stay at home Mom so while my boys are gone at school, I find a bit of time to blog and visit others as well.

  3. says

    No, I don’t schedule it. Because I want blogging to be a hobby, not a job. One thing I remember reading and liking was, “Live your life first, blog about it later”. But I really enjoy reading yours and so many blogs each evening! It’s my wind-down activity before I go to sleep!

  4. says

    I don’t have a schedule either. I will just think of something to blog about since they just pop in my head and then next thing you know I am taking pictures. My schedule is very flexible since we are empty nesters. I don’t know how someone like Kristin has time to blog and work and raise her children. I would probably go nuts!

  5. says

    I blog exactly the way Kristin does! I try to write down new ideas as they come to me. Then it’s just a matter of finding a few minutes to actually write about those ideas. My kids are old enough now (especially now that the weather’s getting nicer) that they are outside or at friend’s homes a lot of the time…great blog, Andrea!!!

  6. says

    Wow, those projects look great. I’m going to stop by Andrea’s blog and check it out! I usually work on posts while my husband watches TV…usually when he’s watching baseball or something else that I’m not particularly interested in. :) I usually prep posts in advance – the scheduling tool on Blogger is super handy!

  7. says

    What great looking projects!! I will stop by and take a look at your blog!! I try to schedule my blogs for certain days of the week, but so far that hasn’t worked! HAHA. I have good intentions though.

  8. says

    I don’t think it would be fun scheduling my posts with working full time. I write them when I can and am inspired. I usually have several posts in draft form at a time. Thank you for having this blogging series. I am enjoying it.

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