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Welcome to the BBC! The Beginner Blogger’s Club is a month-long series of posts that include both beginner blogger features and tips from the pros. For more information on the series, read the full BBC post here.

I’m thrilled and honored to have the always fabulous Roeshel from the DIY Showoff as today’s mentor blogger!

When Kristin asked me to participate in her BBC series, I knew I wanted to share about blogging etiquette but when it comes time to write these types of posts, I always feel a little panic. I don’t know it all. Not even close! But I have been blogging for a few years and would like to share what I feel is courteous when it comes to participating in the blogging community. I’m Roeshel from

and it’s so nice to be kicking off this helpful series. Thanks, Kristin!

1. COMMENTS: We all love comments. It’s proof that someone is reading, likes what we create and publish and cares enough to share their thoughts. If you’re a blogger, I know that you read and appreciate every comment, right? It makes your day. You feel LOVED! {Me too!} Most times, leaving a comment ensures a return visit or reply. Most of the time, it’s encouraging to the writer. Just remember to be positive and supportive when giving feedback. If your opinion differs, there’s a nice way to get your point across.


Also remember that comment areas aren’t the place to promote yourself or to copy/paste links unless the blogger has given the invitation specifically.

  • On the receiving end of comments, trying to make the time to respond (absolutely to questions) but even just a ‘thank you’ means a lot to visitors. I even prefer to quickly pop over to visit commentors back as an extra special thank you.
  • Remember that bloggers are people too. Humans. Mistakes happen. Real life is crazy. Things get missed. There’s a polite way to point out errors discretely.

2. LINK PARTIES: Again, I’m no link party expert, but I do host and have hosted a link party weekly for years. And I do notice when blog etiquette isn’t taken into consideration.

  • Always at least take a second to glance over link party rules which are pretty much standard for all link parties. A blog link party has a hostess and she’s extending an invitation for you to join in.
  • Use permalinks. Why? It’s likely that your link will be clicked in the future. It might even be a year from now. Having someone visit your blog url and have to hunt for the post is time consuming and frustrating. Sharing your permalink (the exact link to your exact post, not just blog home page) ensures visitors are right where they wanted to be.
  • Link a relevant post. {Do not link to giveaways, shop promotions or your own link party.} The blogger is extending an invitation to you. You wouldn’t want to show up to a black tie event in a chicken costume.

  • Always share a link or button back as a return favor. Most link parties supply the button or even html code to add to your post. It shows respect for the hostess.
  • As a link party hostess and invited guest, visit links and leave comments as time allows. I know when my party is extra busy, it’s nearly impossible to visit every single one, but I do try very hard to make the time to visit as many links as I can.
blog party stamp

3. INSPIRATION: We all know that it’s proper to list a photo source or credit when using images. But did you know that the right thing to do when your idea for a post or project is inspired by someone to include credit to that blogger or website for the inspiration too? Everyone appreciates honesty and a little kind recognition.

{source – Green Eve}

4. ASK PERMISSION: Always, always link from the original source when utilizing Pinterest. When I’m featuring a blogger, I encourage readers to Pin from the original blog. I always give credit to those I feature in the event something is pinned from my site. I also include the blog’s name in the “pin it” description. Double check that pinning is permitted by the original source (Ask. You’d see a ‘pin it’ button or Pinterest account on the site).

5. HOTLINKS: Do not hot link. I didn’t know what that was as a beginner. Hotlinking is directly linking to someone else’s graphics or files instead of linking to those items from your own server. Once you’ve gained permission from the original source, right-click the image and save it to your computer. Then upload to your post. Do not copy and paste directly. This is important. Every time an image is viewed on a web page, it’s pulling bandwidth from where it is stored. Some sites pay for bandwidth. Another reason is that if the original source is no longer available, the image wont’ show on your site. It’s best to do it the correct way by saving to your files and uploading.

SUMMARY: There is enough space on the www for everyone. Every blog, big and small, appreciates traffic, promotion, recognition and comments, and taking the time to be courteous, thoughtful and kind will go a long way in forming lasting blog friendships.

I love the socializing, encouragement, inspiration and motivation that blogging provides. We may never meet face to face, but we’re all real people with real feelings and remember to just be kind and considerate as you would in real life.

Great tips to kick off the series! Thanks Roeshel!!

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I’ll see you tomorrow with another beginner blogger feature!



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    Hotlinking. Who knew? Thank goodness I was unknowingly doing it the right way. (For a change!) LOL. Great advice. Thanks for taking the time to pay it forward and share your knowledge =)

  2. says

    Excellent post Roeshel! If everyone followed these common sense behaviors, blogging would be a very happy place to be indeed! It’s so nice to visit you blog Kristin. I’ll be exploring is some more! ~ Kim @ Sand & Sisal

  3. says

    Excellent etiquette tips! I didn’t know what hotlinking was. I’m not sure if I’m doing that or not…is using the HTML to link to other blogs through the blogs’ buttons an example of hotlinking?

  4. says

    Great information! I have to admit though, that I just don’t know how to do alot of that stuff, i.e. posting a link party link, or linking up an actual post rather than my blog. Everything I’m learning I’m doing it on my own by reading great information from awesome women like you who care enough to share! Thanks for the information and now I’m going to go hunt a way to do the things I don’t know how to do!

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