It's been over two years since I wrote my first post at Simply Klassic. In those two years I have written about my home, my style, my family; I've shared recipes and tips and printables, and so much more. You guys have become my friends, my supporters, and my cheerleaders. Which is why it's so hard to talk about making changes, but I've decided it's time. Some changes are in the works that I am super excited about, and I hope that you will be excited with … [Read more...]

A Little Q & A (My Top Five Favorite Facebook Questions & Prize Winners!!)

Those of you who follow along on Facebook, may have seen the little Q & A announcement I put out earlier this week. I wanted to know what YOU want to know, about me! AND I offered up prizes for my top five favorite questions, that I would then turn around and answer on the blog.  This was such a fun game that I think we may need to do this more often! You had some great questions, and I had fun coming up with some answers for you. Geez some of y'all are … [Read more...]