Chocolate Chip Cookie & Ice Cream Cupcakes

The only thing that beats cake as the perfect match for ice cream is a chocolate chip cookie. These “Pizookie” style cookie cupcakes quickly became a household favorite this weekend, and the combinations are endless!

I got the idea from my friend Crystal at A Pumpkin and a Princess who has shared a few different recipes for ice cream cupcakes.
Like I mentioned, I LOVE the combination of chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream, and figured if it works for cake, it should work with the all American chocolate chip cookie!
To make these delicious treats, just prepare your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough (I use the traditional Nestle Toll House recipe).
Using a cookie scoop, place one scoop of cookie dough into cupcake liners. I actually used Wilton snack cups to avoid the lines on the sides. You can bake in them just like you would the traditional cupcake liners.
Bake in a preheated, 350 degree oven for about ten minutes or until slightly browned. Remove and allow to cool completely on a cooling rack. In the meantime, allow your ice cream to soften by placing it out on the counter.
Once the cookies are completely cooled, top with softened ice cream, and put back into the freezer for at least one to two hours to harden completely. Top with a little whipped cream and serve immediately – they do melt rather quickly!
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  1. Anonymous says

    I want to make these but I am unclear on one part, do you cook the cookie dough in the cupcake liners inside a cupcake baking pan or just on a flat cookie sheet??? Please let me know. :)

  2. says

    giiiiirl, THANK YOU for this crazy good idea! i reproduced a dairy-free version that i’m so excited about. you were definitely my inspiration and i have no idea how i found ya but i’m glad i did. thank you so much! check me out sometime;)

  3. newbie jenny says

    hi im new this baking and all … question can i keep in freezer till ready to serve? What kind of Cookie dough?? Bought or made lol im too new at this thanks

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