Rustic Glam Christmas Dining Room

How many posts have you read that began with the words, “I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas?” Well here’s one more, because I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!”
I didn’t intend to go minimalist this Christmas, but that seems to be the direction I’m heading, and I big puffy heart love it!
Just a few touches of green and white and silver. It’s a little bit glam and a little bit vintage, with just a tad of rustic thrown in for good measure.
This is the first Christmas I’ve decorated since painted my hutch and fireplace white, and ohmygosh I can’t believe the difference it makes! If you’re considering painting something big, DO IT!
On top of the hutch are a few silver trays. The one in the middle belonged to my grandmother and came from Germany. The faux greenery are courtesy of Ikea last spring, and the bottle brush trees came from Marshalls last year.
I took some of my handmade ornaments and tied them to the top of the hutch with some simple twine.
On the open shelf I simply tossed a couple of silver acorns in with my basket of vintage mason jars, and added some faux evergreen clippings and a pretty ribbon to the vintage bottles.
What is it about a pretty bow that just sings “Christmas?”
Opposite the hutch is the open doorway to the kitchen, which I have conveniently obstructed from view using a thrifted curtain.
I made the world’s easiest wreath from faux garland and strips of burlap an hung them on either side of the doorway.
My Rustic Glam centerpiece takes center stage at meal time.
I love the little bits of sparkle and shimmer.
 I am loving not having a bunch of Christmas stuff everywhere, but rather a minimal amount, just enough to put us in the mood. I love how it all turned out, and I’m already making plans for next year!
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  1. says

    This is the first year that I have decorated for Christmas since repainted our dining and living room light colors. It does make a difference. I love your decorations but I have to admit I am not a minimalist…lol I just love Christmas decorating too much to let my stuff stay in the basement for another whole year! Enjoyed your tour. Dianntha

  2. says

    Looks great Kristin! My decorating depends on the amount of time I have! LOL This year I haven’t even begun yet so it could be minimalist although it’s not even Dec yet! seeing all these bloggers who are so ahead of me is inspiring!

  3. says

    I love the things you are doing. The hutch is fabulous! I try to go minimal in some rooms but seem to go bigger in my living room where we spend the most family time.

  4. says

    I love, love, love your hutch Kristin! Your whole dining room looks gorgeous for Christmas! I’m pretty minimal with the decorations too. Who wants to spend three days putting all that stuff away? haha One small suggestion, have you ever tried switching the bench with the chairs in front of the hutch? I think it would look really nice without the distraction of the chair backs blocking all your pretty little things on display. Just a thought. I really, really do love it all! =)

    ~ Catie

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