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The Attitude of Gratitude series is practically complete! It’s been an amazing couple of weeks and I have received so many emails from people sharing how the series has touched their lives. We have two more before the series comes to a close. Click here for the complete list of posts.

My bloggy soulmate agreed to share a story of gratitude with you today. Please welcome Kristen from Ella Claire.
Hi! I am Kristen from Ella Claire where I share my love of vintage inspired decorating, party planning, home keeping, DIY, and best of all, {my sweetie pie} Ella Claire .
I was so humbled and thankful for Kristin to give me this opportunity to share a few little thoughts on gratitude. 
I feel like there are so many scary things in this world that often keep us from feeling truly grateful for our blessings. 
It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the bad, hard things… 
to get so consumed by the thorns that we cannot see the roses. 
I was especially feeling this way almost exactly two years ago. About two months after I had just had my first miscarriage, I was still so heartbroken and devastated. I remember being excited to get my Christmas decorations out, and enjoy the joy and peace of the holidays. 
I put on the Christmas music, carefully unwrapped my ornaments, and began to place them on our Christmas tree. 
Then I heard a knock at the door. 
When I answered, I saw a man holding my sweet husband’s wallet and keys. I knew by the terrified look on his face and the tremble in his voice that something was wrong but I had a hard time comprehending exactly what he was trying to say to me. 
I gathered my things and made my way to the hospital as quickly as possible. 
I prayed with my whole soul that he would be alright.
He had fallen off of a roof while hanging Christmas lights. 
He had broken his hip, his elbow, and his wrist. He also had a bleed in his brain. 
I was terrified.
The next couple of weeks in the hospital were long and hard as he endured two surgeries, intense physical and occupational therapy, and more pain than I can even imagine. The next couple of months were equally as hard as he recovered at home. 
But, in the midst of the overwhelming thorns, we were blessed with incredible roses.
Right before my sweet hubby went into his second surgery, I found out that I was pregnant!
I was terrified that I would lose this pregnancy and that my husband wouldn’t fully recover. 
But I became so thankful for morning sickness as I knew my baby was still growing.
I became thankful for the opportunity I had to care for my sweetheart.
I became thankful for the closeness we gained in the process.
I became thankful for his wonderful example of strength and determination.
I became thankful for the thoughts and prayers of others.
I became thankful for so many things I had taken for granted.
He recovered more fully than any doctor ever thought he would and our little miracle baby has blessed our lives more than we could have ever imagined. 
I truly believe that this life is full of joy.
If we have the gratitude in our hearts to recognize it. 



Owner at Yellow Bliss Road
Hi! I'm Kristin and I'm the creative mind behind Yellow Bliss Road, where you'll find tons of recipes, free printables, and a little decor and DIY thrown in for good measure. Life can be complicated, so I am all about simplifying wherever I can - from food to decor to DIY - because I believe that it doesn't have to be elaborate or extravagant to be amazing. I am a single adoptive mom with a daughter in Preschool and a son in Kindergarten. My kids are a handful, I'm exhausted and most days my house is a mess - and I'm okay with that!

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    Kristen, Life can be so scary! The worst case scenario goes through our heads and we sometimes loss hope. Knowing what you went through makes me believe you are an incredibly strong women. I’m glade your story has a happy ending.

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    My goodness sounds like that was a horrible time in your life, but still blessings were able to come out of it. A true gratitude and appreciation for your husband and daughter that most people don’t have. This series has been such an eye opener for me…if we skip through life and nothing ever goes wrong, how can we appreciate what we have and how can we be a help to others? Well we couldn’t. So although it’s not fun when we’re going through hard times in the end they help us and others.

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    Kriten what a true heart of gratitude. Your beautiful story so blessed my heart today! Thank you for sharing your journey. I think we each have a moment of awareness as we peak into the heart of another. Have a blessed and lovely Thanksgiving holiday sweet friend.

    Much love

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    EllaClaire, thank you so much for sharing your very personal, painful, joyful, thankful story. And thank you, Kristen, for making it possible.
    I never would have “met” EllaClaire if it weren’t for you. When my premie was 10 months old I got a call from the Trauma team at a nearby hospital that my husband’s car had been broadsided by a truck on his way to work. This was 3 hours after he got there, the accident happened in our hometown, no police notified us, no one from work called. He came through extensive injuries fine and I got a tree on my way home when I know he would be released-2 days before Christmas. Thankful for miracles.

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