Friends Don’t Let Friends Pin and Run!

Friends also don’t let friends wear blue eyeshadow, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

Cindy over at Cottage Instincts wrote a great post on Pin Etiquette. I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I hope you will hop over and read it.

If you have limited time, here’s the bullet points (image courtesy of My 3 Boybarians):

I’m so glad that there are other bloggers out there who feel the same way that I do about pinning. I absolutely love it, but feel there needs to be some etiquette practiced on the side of the pinners. For example, I had someone pin a photo of my kids, making a crack about the Elf jammies (which they loved, by the way). It was just rude, and the mama bear in me came out and “politely” told them their crack was uncalled for.

Like I told Cindy, you need a license to drive a car, but any hoo-ha with internet access can pin!

So please, pin responsibly!

****end public service announcement****

Do you know how to see if you’ve been pinned?

Copy this link:

and fill in the url of your blog. Mine looks like this:

Happy (and responsible!) pinning!



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  1. says

    I love the bullet points list! Too often I click on an image on Pinterest for a recipe and it doesn’t go to the recipe. I want Pinterest to make my life easier; not harder. :)

    Great post; very helpful. I will share.


  2. says

    Good points. It is so frustrating to click on a pin and then it doesn’t link directly to the recipe or craft or whatever. I do my best to credit where I find stuff.

    And thanks for sharing the link to find our stuff that has been pinned. I knew a few of my things had been but I never really knew how to search for that info. Thanks :)


  3. says

    The only really “personal” pin I’ve put up (something that was truly identifiable to me and other than graphics I’ve made) was a picture of my last bike – a 1984 Softail with a Fatboy front end. It’s actually, so far, the only pin on the board I created for anything that speaks to my passion for “wind therapy”. I was actually surprised when two people re-pinned it and quite honestly it felt pretty weird at first. I had intended to put another pin of the bike with me actually on it, and the weirdness I felt identified for me that I’m not comfortable with people re-pinning me or my family. Thus, no boards with pins of us, for me.

    There was something in the letter that Pinterest first sends out about pin etiquette mentioning to go back to the original pin or actual URL to be sure of all the things you mentioned – it stuck with me so that’s what I’ve always done. :)

  4. says

    i had trouble trying to find out if i had anything pinned too so i just clicked on your link, then stuck in my blog name-i think i was forgetting to put in the at the end of my blog name. Lo and behold, i’ve had some things pinned, luckily all credited back to me-kind of neat!! i try to always go back to the original source and pin from there but i can’t say i always do it especially if it’s something i pin to my funny board. thanks for all the reminders

  5. says

    This is great info and I agree to always give credit if you can. Hopefully I do and am doing it right.
    Thanks too, I always wondered to see how to find out if anyone pinned me. :)

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