How I’m Getting My Household Under Control

I’ve decided to shift my posting focus from Home Decor to Organization. I promise it’s not forever, just bear with me for a moment. Remember when I talked about my “not doing it all” a couple of weeks ago when I said that no one would want to see the two week old birthday party crap piled in my living room? Yeah, well that was a week and a half ago, and it’s still there. At least it’s all contained to one laundry basket now, so that’s progress, right?

Well here’s that problem, I don’t have a plan. I’ve got two small kids who like to make big messes all over the house. I’ve got a cat who sheds like crazy. And I’m just freaking exhausted.

So here’s what I’ve begun to realize. I can’t get organized if my house is disorganized. 

Does that make sense?

So I’m changing focus. My goal is that each week, I get one room organized. Actually, that seems a little ambitious, so maybe it will be two weeks. Either way, it will be all about purging, decluttering, and organizing.

Last weekend, I spent four hours straight cleaning and organizing my bedroom. Just the BEDROOM! (*sidenote, did you know that Peeps marshmallows don’t dry out like they used to? How do I know that? Because I found a half empty package of them in my closet leftover from the kid’s Easter baskets goodies. Yes, it was THAT bad). It’s 90% finished and I’m hoping to complete this particular project this week. Then on to the the living room and kitchen.

What’s my motivation you ask?

I happened upon a blog called A Slob Comes Clean a few weeks ago. FINALLY! Organizational tips that really seemed to “get” me. I am not one of those people who LOVES cleaning their homes. If you are, you might want to just stop reading now. The blog author, Dana White, has written an e-Book called 28 Days to Hope for Your Home, and she was kind enough to give me one to review.

I have tried to follow many a “Four Weeks to Organizing Your Home” type of program, but the fact is, if my home isn’t “neat and tidy” to begin with, this just isn’t going to work for me. While I’m decluttering my junk drawer, the dishes are piling up and so is the laundry.

Dana’s steps are clear and simple, and I actually WANTED to follow them. She suggested that I didn’t just need to “clean,” I needed to change habits.

Still with me?

So I read through the e-Book, and began to implement some of the suggestions and I’ve already seen improvements. It kind of kicked me in the pants and got me out of this cleaning rut I’ve been in. And by rut, I mean, I don’t wanna do it.

It’s amazing how overwhelming a task can become the longer you put it off. I never realized it until reading this e-book. The key is understanding WHY your home has fallen into chaos. Dana’s intro described me to a “T” and I finally understood why none of those other programs worked for me. I would look at pictures of their perfectly decorated and organized homes, and knew it was too far of a reach for me to ever get there so I gave up.

Like Dana says, this book is NOT for the mildly disorganized!

Well folks, I’m on week three; my sink is empty, the laundry is caught up and the kitchen floor and counters are tidy AND I actually have time to relax once the kids go to bed and not feel guilty about it. I can sense that habits are changing, and it’s a really good thing.

Thank you Dana!

If you are interested in purchasing Dana’s e-Book, 28 Days to Hope for Your Home, just click the link to be taken to her blog. It’s only $5 and I promise you won’t regret it!!

All opinions in this post are my own.  I was given a complimentary copy of the e-book “28 Days to Hope For Your Home” to review the product, but I only share and recommend products I would use myself.

Don’t forget: the Attitude of Gratitude series begins this Thursday, with my special guest, Vanessa from At the Picket Fence!



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  1. says

    Oddly enough cleaning helps to de-stress instead of creating stress. I also have changed my perspective ever since I had my kids and my mantra is ” It is what it is and will stay that way till I get to it”
    Good luck with your challenge and congrats on a clean sink!

  2. says

    I am a very organized person in general, but it does get tiring trying to stay on top of it all the time. There is always something around my house that needs “tending to” though. ha! That’s just life. Glad to hear that you’re on a mission with realistic goals. That should set you up for success! I try to live by a “to-do” list every day and make sure that I complete my list. Such pressure, I know! It seems to work though.

  3. says

    I agree, cleaning helps to de-stress me, but like you I have a 2 year old, a 3 year old (17 months apart), and a 15 year old. We live in a home that was very comfortable when we were a family of 3, but now we are 5. I have time after time gotten so upset at myself for not being able to keep up with it all, of course, in my home it all falls on me and if I was given some alone time to do anything, I probably will be in a better place, but my husband works and study (week and weekends), so I have come to terms that it is what it is. I do keep my kitchen clean, I cook 3 meals a day and it will be impossible to cook if messy and dirty, and keep the downstairs clean because once everyone goes to sleep I can actually dust, sweep, etc. I used to feel so guilty because my husband said to me more than once “how come other people can handle it and you can’t”, it put me to tears so it is refreshing to know I’m not the only one overwhelmed by it all. Thanks for this blog and I will check out the ebook soon.

  4. says

    I read a book called sink reflections and it was a great read! I recommend you look through it. Organizing for me is supper fun except I never do it because I want to buy all the organizing product and it ends up being too expensive. Ill check out the e book you recommended.

  5. says

    At least I am not the only one! Thanks for reminding me that I am not alone and it’s ok to strive for better but that doesn’t mean it has to be perfection! Keep up the good work!

  6. says—and IT’S FREE! Everything you need on the web…Her book –Sink Reflections (mentioned above) is great-but you can do her thing with what’s on her website…15 minutes at a time! It works! She will even help you help the kids get routines established—and her sister site, House Fairy, has good ideas in that department. Good luck! Blessings, Sharon

  7. says

    That sounds awesome Kristin! I’m feeling that need to “purge” and have found it wonderful to not only de-clutter but bless some other families in the process by giving away the things that are just collecting dust (we clean them up first of course!). LOL about the peeps! :-)

    P.S. Looking forward to tomorrow and we’ll do a shout-out in our post!

  8. says

    Good for you! There’s nothing like getting something organized….and then going back and staring at it for hours, lol!

    In the past my cleaning was mostly when I couldn’t stand it anymore and gave up and “cleaned.” I just never knew any other way to do it. Had never heard about having a routine or habits. I never cleaned a bathroom until I was an adult. My mom did it.

    You can bet that I taught my children how to clean!

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