Industrial Blend Living Room Makeover Reveal

It has been seven long months since I first set out on what quickly seemed to be the never-ending journey to make over my living room. My quest for light and bright was halted by these monstrous chocolate brown sofas and light brown walls.

Oh how I wanted to get rid of them, recover them…something! But the thing is, I actually really love my sofas. They are incredibly comfortable, have withstood five years of abuse and are still in fabulous condition. So I knew that I had to make them work.
I settled on a somewhat “industrial” style, but softer. We’re calling it “Industrial Blend.” (It’s the next big thing, I promise.)
I knew I couldn’t spend a ton on this makeover so it was put together over several long drawn out months.
A recent trip to Cost Plus World Market gave me all I needed to finish it up. (a detailed list of purchases will be at the end of this post).
I had a little extra cash at the end of last month so I decided it was time to replace my coffee table. I had big plans to make one but finally accepted that it wasn’t going to happen. I’ve been drooling over the Aiden coffee table, and all furniture is 25% off until Thanksgiving. I called around to the five stores within 20 minutes of me and no one had it. I finally found it 45 minutes away and had them put it on hold. Well when I got there the manager had sold the only one they had! But the assistant manager offered me the floor model for 20% additional discount. He even cleaned it up and tightened all the screws. Yes folks, I got this beautiful table for 45% off!!!
Some vintage locker baskets hold some of my favorite treasures – part of my aqua mason jar collection and some vintage linens. the coffee bag basket holds catalogs and magazines.
My entire collection of vintage bottles fills a tray on the coffee table.
The super comfy side chair makes an excellent reading chair.
The cozy grey blanket was a Goodwill find. It’s still available at Target.


The lamp was a stroke of luck find at World Market. It was on clearance for $20! I still love my cute little IKEA faux plant and my grandfather’s lunchpail rounds out the vignette.

The lamp has a beautiful industrial feel to it, with a hint of red that is picked up by the typewriter artwork, also from World Market.

I fell in love with the Union Jack poof when I spied it at our Vintage Marketplace Roadtrip last summer. It had been marked down to $35 from $90! I really didn’t know where I was going to put it, but it’s fits so perfectly here. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so.


Across from the sofa is my ginormous armoire. It provides a lot of unused storage.
The Union Jack chair is another purchase from the Vintage Marketplace. This one was made by the ever so talented Rose of The Tarnished Crown. You can find her selling her wares at most of the local Orange County flea markets, as well as the Rose Bowl from time to time.
You might remember my wood planked sign from last spring.

I’m incredibly pleased (and surprised) with the finished room. It’s not what I expected, but I love it!

I forgot to add that I painted the room as well. I did it over several evening, basically just poured paint into the paint tray and used it up. That seemed to be a good way to go for me. I’d paint for a couple of hours, and then be done for the night.
Some details: 
Coffee table, lamp and shade, typewriter art: World Market
Upcycled Coffee bag basket, union jack pillow, cross pillow: Sweet Tea & Linen
Cement bag pillow: Full Bloom Cottage
Sugar Bag pillow: Alabaster Rose via Country Roads in Orange, CA
Faux plant and white planter: IKEA
Gray pillows, gray blanket: from the Goodwill, but available at Target
Sisal rug: Pottery Barn
Wire basket: Marshalls (last year)
Paint: Owl Gray by Benjamin Moore (custom mixed at Home Depot in Behr Premium with Primer)
What big project have you finished recently?


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  1. celeste says

    I adore that coffee table–it is all kinds of perfect. And you are a master at throw pillows. A+ from me! Time well spent, my dear. Enjoy your lovely room.

  2. says

    Your room is just gorgeous! I love how you used the brown sofas. I have dark brown leather sofas and love them and would not want to change them at all. Love the coffee table! Everything is perfection.

  3. says

    Dear Kristin
    What a joy it was to help you have a family room that you truly love and can enjoy! Oh the fun and the nights we chatted and for hours LOL You really did a fantastic job and I am so happy that I was able to share in this process with you! Well done Jedi

    Love you

  4. says

    I <3 your design!! It's perfect and so many wonderful soft, but rustic details. I'm so jealous you can have such a glamorous well decorated living room with kids! You get to have it all hehehe

    <3 Pamela

  5. says

    Wow, amazing job Kristin! You must be thrilled to have it finally complete. It all works so perfectly together. I don’t think I could pick a favorite piece, but that coffee table would come close. =) Enjoy your new room!

    ~ Catie

  6. says

    Everything looks so good. I feel ya on taking your time. I am really liking the paint color. It’s not to dark not to light. Perfect! Then there’s the coffee table it really changed the space a lot and totally gave that industrial feel. I bet the kiddos are liking this new space. Take care and have a Blessed weekend.

  7. says

    Oh my stars Kristin, Your living room turned out amazing!!!
    It is just fabulous!!! And I am swooning over your coffee table!!
    I was scrolling along and I said to myself, that pillow looks familiar! I didn’t know you purchased it. It looks wonderful in the room!!~
    Hope your doing well and have a lovely Sunday!!

  8. says

    Dear Blog Bestie

    I just want you to know after seeing this amazing room in person, I had an epiphany! But you will have to wait for my sneek peek! Thank you for always sharing your joy with me and letting me ” do ” my favorite thing MOVE STUFF AROUND and play decorating with you!


  9. says

    Your room looks amazing. Thank you for including World Market in your home. We’d love to share it on our Pinterest page under Inspiration by Members.

    ~ World Market

  10. Karin from Birmingham says

    Unbelievable! I just swooped up an industrial-looking coffee table on casters at a charity thrift store for $19. No kidding! I haven’t even brought it home yet–I came home without it to measure and mull it over. I figured for $19 I could just donate it back if I changed my mind Seeing this post tells me I did great! Mine is heavy metal with a glass insert in the top, an open shelf below that, then some cool little bins with interesting hardware below that. Now I have a name for the style it will bring to my living you, thanks to you!! :)

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