Non Traditional Advent Candles

While my family always using their Christmas countdown chains, I love to light the Advent candles each Sunday. However, the traditional “wreath” is kind of lost on me, so I decided to put together some not so traditional. Epsom salt is one of my favorite crafty items to use at Christmas time, so of course I pulled it out for my candles.
While the wreath itself has significant religious meaning, I just prefer this particular set-up better.
I’m such a rebel.
I haven’t quite figured out how to add the Christ candle yet, but I’m thinking I will add a larger mason jar to the side on Christmas day.
The idea behind the tradition of the Advent Wreath is to light one candle each Sunday in Advent. There are various traditions within specific Protestant religions. For more information on the history, check out this article on Wikipedia.
It was super simple to pull together.
I laid out my new runner from Target (here), and placed a old goldish wood frame on top. The mason jars are filled with epsom salt and a candle, and tied at the top with twine.
The greens are part of my Ikea faux greens that my children decided to pull apart.
Simple, rustic, beautiful!
Stop by tomorrow when I’ll be linking up with Jennifer Rizzo’s Christmas House tour!
Do you celebrate Advent?


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  1. says

    Beautiful! My family didn’t do advent when I was growing up so it’s been a challenge trying to figure out what works best for our famiy. I think we’ve finally figured it out this year and it is so nice. Helps keep the focus on Jesus and family instead of presents.

  2. says

    Love them! I’ve been looking to reinvent the Advent wreath myself and that’s a great idea! What size jars did you use? Do you think it would work to dye them pink and purple (or blue and “white”) using one of those tint-a-mason-jar recipes from Pinterest?

  3. Jenifa says

    I really like the non-traditional approach – but couldn’t abandon the pink/purple. I added food coloring ONE DROP AT A TIME!! to the epsom salt and mixed it up until it was the right colors for me! Looked so pretty sparking in the salt and with the white candle.

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