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I am so happy that Korrie from Red Hen Home, sharing a story about recognizing God’s timing.

Hi, I’m Korrie from Red Hen Home, where I (mostly) blog about furniture refinishing and other home improvement projects.
I am grateful that Kristin asked me to be a part of her Attitude of Gratitude series. Cultivating such an attitude is a topic near and dear to my heart, and one that I continually try to improve upon.
My family has experienced a year-long chain of events that has led me to believe, more than ever, that we have a loving Father in Heaven who is actively concerned with our happiness and welfare. I hope you’ll allow me to share a glimpse of our family’s life with you.
My furniture refinishing hobby brings me a great deal of satisfaction, but it isn’t a hobby that tucks neatly away in a closet at the end of the day! Thankfully I have a husband who is very patient with the fact that he can’t park in the garage for months at a time. Our deal, however, was that I would at least clear out his side of the garage so he could park inside during the cold winter months. 
One day last November, I did my part in cleaning, straightening, and organizing, and waited in happy anticipation of his pleasure of being able to park in the garage.
Imagine my surprise when he walked in the house and said, “We’re moving.”
Well, my efforts had been in vain. Although I cleared out the furniture, we still had a refrigerator and freezer on his side of the garage—and his new truck (just a little one) wouldn’t fit!
I had been ready to look for a bigger house for quite some time, but this was the first time he had expressed any such willingness! 
Within days, I had found what I thought was the perfect home for us, just a few miles away, and we put our house on the market.
Then we waited…and waited…and waited…
Our enthusiasm waned as we were not inundated with prospective buyers. We had one offer, but it was ridiculously low. And finally, the house we wanted was sold out from under us.
We decided to take our home off the market.
It was not an easy decision to make (there were tears…lots of them), but we trusted that the Lord knew what was best for us. We chose to be grateful for what we had, and work on making our home work better for our family.
We discussed various options for improvements we could make to our home, but we were kind of at a loss for finding someone trustworthy to help us with the work. Then we visited my parents, and ran into a contractor friend of ours at church. We teased him that we wished he lived in Utah so he could help us out! Much to our surprise, he said, quite seriously, “I’ll come to Utah!”
Turns out business in Montana was bad, and he was indeed willing to come 500 miles to work for us. So he made two trips, putting up a wall to make a new storage room, improving our laundry room
…and finally building a beautiful new workshop.
Next we made plans to improve the yard. After nine years of water-wise landscaping, we were kind of over that idea, and wanted a more traditional lawn. We hired a landscaper, and then experienced frustrations when our job kept getting delayed…and delayed…and delayed some more.
During this time, my husband’s frustrations with his job were growing. I will admit I kind of ignored them, because he was blessed with good, steady employment, and that’s really all I thought that mattered! But when an opportunity came to apply for his dream job in Seattle, I encouraged him…but I didn’t think anything would come of it. 
Well, it did.
Suddenly the specter of MOVING arose again…but this time for real! We had to quickly get ready to put our house on the market again. But would you believe, the very day he accepted the job offer was the day the landscapers showed up. And because of their delay, we were able to scale back what we would have done for ourselves to just what needed to be done to improve the sale-ability of our home—thus saving us thousands of dollars.
And then…guess what happened?? 
We sold our home. In SIX DAYS.
See our nice new grass?
You might think it is difficult to leave our home after spending so much money and effort on it in the past year. 
 And you would be right.
You might even think we would resent the money spent, and you can never recover in a home sale. 
 But you would be wrong.
I have examined my feelings over and over, and I can’t be truly upset. I am grateful that we had the means and opportunity to make our home improvements, and that in the process we were able to bless a friend who needed work. And I have no doubt that the improvements we made were instrumental in causing our home to sell quickly.
But more than anything, I have no doubt that the Lord has eased our path because this is the right time for us to move…and He always knew it!
We still have timing issues. With the quick sale of our home, we are going to have to be out about two weeks sooner than I think we can be in to a new home. But having seen so many miracles in the past year, I am praying for one more. And if it doesn’t happen like I want it to? Well, I have no doubt that I will look back in another year and recognize that things truly did happen for the best.
So this Thanksgiving season, I am grateful for a Father in Heaven who loves us—each of us. I believe he knows our names and knows our needs and wants us to be happy!
May the joy of this season be in your heart!
What a beautiful reminder that everything happens not in our timing, but in God’s timing! 
Thanks Korrie!
Do you have a story of gratitude to share? Please feel free to share in the comments below.


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    I agree. I think God wants us to be happy for what He has given us! Life is hard and we don’t know His plans. Sometimes things work out the way we want and sometimes things fall apart and look grim. God does not want to spoil us with lavish things and giving us our every request. If we have faith in Him we can Happily offer up our sufferings to Him which will help us to accept what we have.

  2. says

    When we are going through the difficulties it is no fun, but it is so wonderful when you get to look back and see how God’s hands were on our lives. Blessings on your move! I think you will love Seattle! I grew up in Washington state and would move back there in a heartbeat if I could.

  3. says

    As someone who is anxiously waiting to go shopping for a new home while we save our pennies I love this story! Sometimes I think I see the perfect house on the market and get bummed because we do not have the cash for a down payment yet but your story reminds me that there is usually a reason to be patient. Thank you.

  4. says

    Our story is somewhat similar to yours. We put on house on the market and signed a 6 month listing agreement – we had NO showings and no offers month after month – my hubs and I decided to take the house off the market as soon as the 6 month listing was up. Well, one week before the listing was to run out we sold the house! After the contingencies on the contract were up (the buyer selling his home) we had TWO weeks to find a new place to live, pack, and move! We moved into a rental house while we have been looking for our new home. Good luck to you with your move (and yes, place you faith in Him, as he knows what is best for us).
    Hugs –

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