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Welcome to the BBC! The Beginner Blogger’s Club is a month-long series of posts that include both beginner blogger features and tips from the pros. For more information on the series, read the full BBC post here.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t blog solely for ourselves. In fact, if you’re here reading this post, I can practically guarantee that you want others to read yours! It is my pleasure today to introduce you to Bonnie and Trish, of Uncommon with some fabulous tops on how to market your blog, and gain more readers!

Hey Y’all! We are Bonnie and Trish from the craft blog, Uncommon! Bonnie and I are so excited that Kristin asked us to be a part of this wonderful series! We are by no means experts on marketing, but are happy to share some tips with you guys, that have worked for us, on how to market your blog!

Here are our

Top Five Tips on Marketing Your Blog

1. Content 

I am assuming that if you are reading this post, you are hoping to grow your blog! For most of us, this doesn’t happen overnight and requires a lot of work and patience. What makes you return to a blog over and over again? Great content! Your posts should be easy to read, have great pictures, and post on a consistent schedule. Our readers can expect to see our own projects posted at least twice a week. Sometimes it is an in-depth tutorial and sometimes it is just some pretty pictures of what we have made and some helpful tips. It is certainly great to highlight the projects of others, but your main goal should be to let your readers see your talent and creativity through showcasing your own work!

2. Link Parties 

 We believe that participating in link parties is the most reliable source of getting traffic to your blog. Let’s face it…most blogs don’t just get discovered. You have to put yourself out there! There are dozens and dozens of parties that you can link up to, but don’t forget to use your manners. For the blogs that are hosting these parties, it is a tremendous amount of work! Make sure you choose a great photo of your project to link up, with a concise description of it to get your project noticed. We link up to a ton of parties each week. It is a lot of work and time, but it has paid off for us so much!

3. Branding

The classic marketing term “brand” means…a name, symbol, or a design that identifies the goods and services of one seller. Think of your creations and posts as the product you are selling, and yourself as the brand.
Your blog header and avatar {the tiny image that you use as your logo} should be the same, to establish your online presence. I love that our avatar is bright and easily recognizable.

The other thing that is important when creating your brand, is to have a tagline that describes what you do. Kristin’s blog header at the top of this post includes her name, Simply Klassic Home, and the tag line “defining self and style on a single mom’s budget” which lets people know what she does. Pretty easy stuff, right?

Finally, make sure that your name that shows up when you leave a comment, and also includes your blog name. For example, when I comment on something it will read…”Trish @ Uncommon.” You know who I am, and what blog I am from. How many times do you get a comment from “Suzie-Q” and you have to click on “Suzie-Q’s” name to find her profile, to see what blog they are from? {editor’s note: From your blogger dashboard (in the new interface) click on your name in the top right corner. In the drop-down menu, click Blogger Profile, then Edit Profile. Where it says “Display Name” add your blog name.}

4. Social Media

While you may have a facebook account for yourself, do you have a facebook fan page for your blog? Social Media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, etc. are a wonderful way to connect with other bloggers. This is also a more casual way to get your name out there, and get to know bloggers in their everyday lives. We actually feature several projects a week from our link party on Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is one of the top referrers of traffic to our blog. We also include these easy to find buttons on our sidebar.

5. Community

The last thing to consider when trying to market yourself and your blog, is to remember that you are a part of a huge community of bloggers. I used to see people commenting about how they have the best blogging buddies ever and wondered what was wrong with me because I didn’t have anyone to call a blogging buddy. So, I put my big girl panties on and really tried to connect with a few bloggers that I identified with. I would comment on their projects, ask questions, join their link parties, and follow their social media outlets. I guess I was stalking a few people, but I am finally getting to where I have my own group of blog buddies!

In conclusion just remember to be yourself, have patience, and have fun! 

Thanks Kristin for having us! We would love for you to stop by and visit Uncommon!

Fabulous tips, ladies! Thanks so much for being a part of the BBC! Join us tomorrow for another amazing beginner blogger feature!



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    Thanks for this great post! We love Bonnie and Trish, they have been so supportive of us and our blog :) So glad I was able to come over and find your cute blog today! Thank you ladies :)

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    Kristin, Thanks for sharing this guest post on your blog. I am happy to have found your blog and will surely enjoy looking around at your posts. Love the tip of changing your display name– just did it and hope it worked!

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    Hi, thanks for this series. I’m finding it very helpful. I have a newbie question: how do you make/install those “easy to find buttons” on the sidebar? I pulled badges from the various sites (Pinterest, FB, etc.) and included them on my site but the obsessive-compulsive in me really wants something a little more streamlined and consistent. Could anyone do (or direct me towards) a tutorial? Thanks!! Elena @ `a casarella

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