Vintage & Retro Inspired Free Font Combinations

No one loves free fonts more than me (a pretty bold statement, I know). I love pairing fonts together into gorgeous font combinations for use on flyers, invitations, graphics, and more. In fact, this is my fifth font combos posts – apparently you guys love them as much as me!

So let’s get to it – here are eighteen of my favorite vintage and retro inspired free fonts, paired into fabulous combos! There are links to download each of the fonts below the image.

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If you love fonts like me, but have a hard time paring two or more together,
I have a whole page dedicated to my favorite free fonts and font combos. There is also a tutorial on how to download them to your PC.
For more vintage fonts, check out Ella Claire’s fabulous list of 16 free vintage fonts. She’s got several font round-ups, so be sure to check them out too!

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  1. Hydi says

    Love all of these combos, thanks for sharing. Just one question – I am having a hard time getting the Abraham Lincoln one to work. I am able to download and extract – but the file comes up green and when I go to install it, it tells me that it won’t work. Anyone have that problem before, and know how to fix it?

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