3-D Photo Valentines

This is Meg of Snap Happy Mom, and I’m so excited to share this tutorial for creating 3-D Photo Valentines! These cards are simple to make and way more fun than store bought cards. Plus, it’s a good chance to take a cute photo of your child every year!

3-D Photo Valentines - Tutorial by Snap Happy Mom for Yellow Bliss Road

Ready for a quick and easy project? Here’s how to create your own unique 3-D valentines:

1. Take Your Photo

Dress up your child in a cute shirt: think Valentine colors or something that will compliment them! I used a red t-shirt under a button down shirt to bring some extra color into the photo. Then find yourself a blank space of wall with good lighting.


Tips For How To Take a Photo For 3-D Valentine Cards

Have your child stand a few steps away from the wall. This picture works best taken horizontally, so give yourself a bit of room on the side if you can.

Ask your child to make their hand a fist and stretch it out towards you. You’ll probably have to help them put it slightly to the side, away from their face and body. You don’t want the lollipop in the way of their cute smile, but you don’t the fist too close to the edge either!

Remember to focus on your child’s face, not their hand! You want to see that sweet smile, and let their hand go a little blurry. You may want to adjust your aperture to add to this 3-D effect by opening your lens to the widest it can be (a low f-stop number).


3-D Photo Valentines - Tutorial by Snap Happy Mom for Yellow Bliss Road

2. Print Your Photos

You will need to decide what size you want to print your photos. You can see the size of a regular 4×6 below, but I printed mine at smaller by placing two on a 4×6 photo and cutting it in half. The mini size is so cute with a small lollipop! But the 4×6 size will work with a regular size lollipop as well.

Add some cute borders or text that says Happy Valentine’s Day to your photo. You can do this in Photoshop, Picmonkey, or even the software on the printing kiosk.

Then get your pictures printed – I’m a fan of Costco if I need pictures quickly. Make sure you print a few extra for experimenting!

3-D Photo Valentines - Tutorial by Snap Happy Mom for Yellow Bliss Road

3. Assemble Your 3-D Valentines

Printed photos
Cutting blade

Use a blade to carefully cut a ½” slit above and below your child’s hand. Don’t place the cuts too close together or you’re paper might rip!

3-D Photo Valentines - Tutorial by Snap Happy Mom for Yellow Bliss Road

Carefully insert your lollipop from top to bottom, and add a piece of tape on the back to keep the lollipop in place.

Tada! You’ve made some super cute 3-D Photo Valentines! They are so easy and perfect for a memorable valentine for friends and family.

3-D Photo Valentines - Tutorial by Snap Happy Mom for Yellow Bliss Road

Like the 3-D look, but want to avoid the sweets? Try these pretty Pinwheel Photo Valentines instead!

Blow Me Away, Valentine! - Pinwheel Photo Valentines on SnapHappyMom.com

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Meg is passionate about teaching moms how to use their own cameras! She believes families should have professional photos taken each year, but wants mothers to have the skills and confidence to photograph the candid moments that happen all year long! Meg's blog, Snap Happy Mom, offers tips and tutorials for all the things moms want to know about photography, including how to get your children to smile naturally, and how to choose a camera and learn how to use it. Meg has three adorable children at home, and works as a photographer in Arizona.

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