Chocolate Covered Peeps Valentines & a Free Printable

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share sweet little treats with your favorite people. And what goes together better than chocolate and marshmallows?

(ok, maybe chocolate and peanut butter, but we’re nut-free, so marshmallows it is!)

I’ve got a cute Valentine’s Day treat idea to share with you today, complete with a free printable.

Social media image of Chocolate Covered Peeps Valentines

To make your chocolate covered Peeps, you will need:

Peeps Marshmallow Hearts

(they come in packages of nine, and are available at most stores – I got mine at Target),

Melting Chocolate

Sprinkles (optional)

 Let’s talk about the chocolate for a moment. People have emailed asking me what kind of chocolate I use, and can you use chocolate chips. Short answer: Yes you can use chocolate chips. Longer answer: I prefer to use Wilton Candy Melts.

A bag of Wilton\'s Candy Melts

You can get them at cake supply, party supply, and craft supply stores. I know for a fact that Michaels and Party City carry them. If you are at all able to get to one of those stores, do. The Wilton chocolate melts so much nicer and smoothly. It just looks prettier all the way around; and it doesn’t get super hard, but more of a soft hard (this feels like dirty talk, but I promise, we’re still talking about chocolate). It’s just easier to work with and harder to ruin.

Ok, so now you have your materials.

Pyrex measuring cup

Grab a glass dish (I prefer to use a glass measuring cup as it’s deeper for dipping). Pour some chocolate melts (or chips) into the cup and microwave in 20-30 second intervals, stirring with a metal spoon in between. If the chocolate is mostly melted but you see small lumps, just keep stirring, don’t put it back in the microwave as it will likely burn the chocolate making it unusable. Chocolate tends to hold it’s shape as it melts so the stirring is important.

I’ve found that it takes about a minute and a half.

Another important rule – make sure your dish and spoon are COMPLETELY dry. Even a drop of water will cause the chocolate to seize and will ruin the whole batch of chocolate.

Ok, so now you know how to melt the chocolate, time to make your Valentines!

{I wasn’t able to photograph the steps, so I’m hoping the directions will suffice!}

These instructions will work with any kind of marshmallow, but I am kind of partial to the Peeps, because they’re so cute!

Peeps vanilla creme marshmallow hearts

Lay out a large piece of waxed paper over your work surface, and set up your assembly line:

Dip a marshmallow carefully into the chocolate, add sprinkles, and lay on the wax paper.

You can even get your kids in on the action, but they might want to eat all of your treats.

Continue until all of your treats are completed. Allow chocolate to cool and harden before wrapping. Chocolate chips take longer to harden than the melts.

Chocolate dipped peeps

Wrap in a cello bag with a cute tag at the top.

Valentine\'s Day treat bag

If you like the bag topper, you can download the printable here.

(I do not recommend downloading the jpeg below – you will get much better quality using the link to the PDF).


Social media image of Valentine Gift Tags

“Valentine, you’re the chocolate to my marshmallow”

It works as a special Valentine’s party treat label too!

Close up of Valentine\'s tag with marshmallows


Serve your marshmallow Peeps on a platter, or dip regular large marshmallows and coat with sprinkles for marshmallow pops.

Check back tomorrow, when I’ll have another Valentine’s treat and free printable for you!


Social media image of Valentine Chalkboard free printable

Valentine’s Chalkboard Printable and Template


Burlap heart garland

Burlap Heart Garland


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  1. I Can’t stand Peeps, but, this is just to cute and it looks so good. maybe Peeps aren’t so bad after all ? ! 🙂

  2. who knew chocolate and marshmellows could be so cute and look so tasty! It could not get much easier than your creative idea..Gonna do this one with my Grands…love the printable tag to. Thanks and blessings!

  3. You are too cute for words. Love the project I will send Gracie over to do this with you. LOL Its wonderful to have a beautiful friend with such talents that I have none of. Maybe you need a twig arrangement for your Valentine table I can do that?