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It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my favorite fonts here so I thought it was time for a post. I am constantly adding new favorites, rotating some out, and searching for specific fonts. But the one font designer that I can always count on to create something amazing and beautiful is Kimberly Geswein. Her fonts are classic and I have to say I love the musical names, like All of Me and Counting Stars…although I usually end up singing to myself while I work.

Anyway, I thought it fitting that I share some of my favorite KG Fonts so I put together a list for you, complete with links so you can download them for yourself.

Don’t know how to download and install fonts? Go HERE first.

Top Fifteen Free Fonts by Kimberly Geswein

 Shake it Off

Eyes Wide Open

Call Me Maybe

Girl on Fire

All of Me

You Won’t Bring Me Down

Let Her Go


Skinny Latte

Somebody That I Used to Know

Defying Gravity


Frames Five

Heart Doodles

A Little Swag


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  1. Hi! I downloaded a font but couldn’t install it…is their anyway you can tell me how to properly install the font?

  2. I love these thank you so much. I am having some trouble downloading the Golden handwritten ones. Where do I go for them?

  3. A fellow KG fan? I love KG fonts. I’ve been using them since my early days of learning graphic design. They’re so fun and creative. You know, after all these years, I have never taken the time to visit the creators website. Thanks so much for sharing it!

    p.s. Your logo is absolutely stunning!

  4. While I really appreciate you letting us know of great fonts, I’d also appreciate it if you’d check the source more carefully. I downloaded one font and now my computer is infected with adware that I DO NOT want. Fortunately, I know how to get rid of it, but for readers who don’t this could cause a real problem. It’s a shame, because I wanted to download more fonts, but will never go to this site for fonts again.