The Ultimate Gift Guide and Giveaway – Gift Ideas for Bakers

Hello and welcome to a pretty spectacular event ~ The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide is HERE!! Twenty-three bloggers have put together lists of their favorite gifts to help make your holiday shopping easy this year, with gift ideas for everyone from moms and dads, to kids of all ages, to DIYers, to my favorite – Gifts for Bakers. And as a special bonus, each gift guide will end with a GIVEAWAY that will include items from the gift list. There are thousands of dollars worth of prizes up for grabs, so be sure to visit everyone! See, I told you it was pretty spectacular!!

So who’s joining in on this shindig?

Holday Gift Guide Bloggers

Stocking Stuffers | Gifts for Jewelry/Bling Lovers | Gifts for the Cook | Gifts for Little Girls (Ages 0-6) | Gifts for the Little Artist | Gifts for Ladies | Gifts for Little Boys (Ages 0-6) | Gifts for Big Boys (Ages 7-12) |Gifts for Big Girls (Ages 7-12) | Gifts for Teen Girls | Gifts for The Decorator | Gifts for the DIYer | Gifts for the Foodie | Gifts for Men | Gifts for the Host/Hostess | Makeup/Beauty Gifts | Gifts for the Entertainer | Gifts for the Aspiring Photographer | Gifts for the Crafter | Non-Clutter Gifts | Gifts for the Blogger | Health/Wellness Gifts

Let’s get this party started, shall we? Up first is my gift guide – my favorite gifts for people who love to bake!

Do you have a friend who loves to bake? Are you a baker who isn’t sure what to ask for? I’ve got plenty of ideas that are guaranteed to please amateur and professional bakers alike.

Here’s how this will work – As you scroll down the page, you will see a graphic with some images in it. Below the graphic are links to where you can purchase the item or get more information. Easy enough? Let’s get started!

*this post contains affiliate links.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers with gifts for eveyone and every budget! KitchenAid Mixer
Kitchen Timer
Dipped Wooden Spoons
COOKBOOKS, like these:
The Red Velvet Lover’s Cookbook by Deborah Harroun of Taste and Tell (shown)
Surprise-Inside Cakes by Amanda Rettke of  I Am Baker
The Biscoff Cookie and Spread Cookbook by Katrina Bahl of In Katrina’s Kitchen
A pretty Baking Dish
Cake Stand

  The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers with gifts for eveyone and every budget! 5

Kitchen Printable Art
Flour Sack Towels
Personalized Baking Tags
Baking Salts
Metal Whisks
Gingerbread Pan

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers with gifts for eveyone and every budget! 2


Measuring Cups
Mixing Bowls
Hand Mixer
Decorating Tip Set
Cupcake Spatula
Vanilla Sugar

  The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers with gifts for eveyone and every budget! 4

Bundt Pan or other classic bakeware
Silicone Spatulas
Baker’s Necklace/Charms
Cookie Press
Digital Measuring Cup

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers with gifts for eveyone and every budget! 3

Silicone Pastry Brushes
Adjustable Rolling Pin
Silicone Baking Cups
Cookie Cutters
Food Processor
Silpat Silicone Baking Mat

I would personally love to have any of these gifts waiting for me under the tree! (hint, hint!)

Looking for more unique gift ideas? Be sure to check out the other 22 Holiday Gift Guides!

And here’s that fabulous giveaway I promised!

$200 Ultimate Baker's Gift Guide Giveaway

1) $25 Amazon Gift Card *Special thanks to the brands below for providing the following giveaway items: 2) OXO Baking Supplies ($105) 7 Piece Measuring Beaker Set | 6 Piece Measuring Cup Set | Baker’s Dusting Wand | Cookie Press | Autumn Cookie Disk Set | Mixing Bowl Set 3) Three cookbooks: The Red Velvet Lover’s Cookbook by Deborah Harroun ($13) Surprise-Inside Cakes by Amanda Rettke ($19) The Biscoff Cookie and Spread Cookbook by Katrina Bahl ($12) 4) Your choice of three tea towels from Modern Vintage Market ($24)


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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bakers main

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  1. An old fashioned drop cookie baller, looks a little like the round part of a melon baller but it has a spring action for dropping the balls. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  2. This might sound weird, but I LOVE spatulas! I have them in all shapes and colors, and love using them anytime I can 🙂

  3. My favorite baking tool is my Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl. I love this for making cookies because it has a lid and it is great for chilling the batter in some cookie recipes 🙂

  4. My favorite baking tool is my kitchenaid mixer, but absolutely love all baking tools and the more colorful the better!!!

  5. I love my muffin/cupcake pan and making a variety of muffins and cupcakes. Perfect for tea parties with my little girls. Thanks!

  6. my favorite baking tool is my hand mixer… and I just love the Cuisinart one you have featured above, the light pink color is gorgeous!

  7. mixing bowls, i wish i could say i own a kitchen aid but atm i hand whisk so that’s not my favorite. hahaha

  8. My favorite baking tool is my mother’s Kitchenaid mixer. I don’t have one of my own so, for big batches, I use hers:-)

  9. My favourite baking tool is………………………my teatowel……so pretty and I use it so often for spills etc.

  10. My Kitchenaid stand mixer is the best tool. I love that I can get it going and move on to other things while it mixes.

  11. My favorite baking tool is my trusty hand mixer. (I’m sure a Kitchenaid would take its place as my favorite if I ever get one, though!)

  12. My favorite baking tool is my Kitchenaid mixer. We went years without it, and it was the best Christmas gift ever from my in-laws a couple years ago!

  13. My favorite baking tools are my huge cookie sheets/cupcake pans from Pampered Chef! Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  14. I love a good measuring cup that is clear and easy to read, hence I have many.. I don’t no how to post picture to pin rest so sorry. Thank you all so much for doing this, even if I don’t win anything, someone will and that is enough to make me happy.. GOD bless..

  15. I still remember when 14 years ago I opened the perfect wedding shower gift and screamed when I saw the original cobalt blue Kitchen Aid upright mixer.
    I still call her my baby!

  16. My husband is an amazing baker – there are some great ideas for him here! (Well, not the apron – definitely not the apron!)

  17. My favorite baking tools are the plastic canisters I keep my flour, sugar, and salt in. I always can see how much I have left to make sure I never run out.

  18. My favorite baking tool is my Wolf Gang Puck measuring tool that weighs all my ingredients, so my recipes always come out so much better 🙂

  19. Well i would have to say my fav baking tool is my silicone baking mat my sweet father in law boughtit for me when seen me making cookies and how bad they were sticking 🙂 <3 him

  20. I love measuring spoons & cups. I could especially use some bright ones now since I have a baby “helping” in the kitchen!

  21. I love these things I will have to make sure and get a few of them on a list to give my husband some hints.

  22. My favourite baking tool has got to be my stand mixer. I can’t imagine baking without it. I also love my really good quality baking sheets I got from my aunt and a beautiful rose shaped baking pan that I found at Value Village. I make pound cake in it and it looks beautiful dusted with icing sugar.

  23. My favorite baking tool is my Kitchenaid mixer! Loved the purple one that you featured! Thanks for all of the great ideas!