Layered Peeps Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treats with a twist – they’re made with marshmallow Peeps and layered for a beautiful, colorful Easter treat! Make these Layered Peeps Treats for all of your spring gatherings!

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I know, I know, it’s still snowing in a lot of the country, but Valentine’s Day is over and that means there are Peeps in the stores! I may have literally jumped and clapped when I saw them. I have had a vision for these little layered treats in my head for over a month now and I’ve been dying to finally make them. Have you seen all the colors they have? Check out this huge pack of Peeps in six colors! (affiliate link)

Layered Peeps Crispy Treats are Rice Krispie Treats with a twist - they're made with Peeps and layered for a colorful Easter treat!

Layered Peeps Crispy Treats are Rice Krispie Treats with a twist - they're made with Peeps and layered for a colorful Easter treat!


The lovely pastel layers make them look like you really had to put some effort into them, but I promise you they are super easy. If you’ve ever made Rice Krispie Treats, you can make these. Any colors will do, and I just saw today that there are new flavors – lime, lemon and orange. Wouldn’t that be fun for a little citrus flavored layered treat?

  1. For each layer you will want to use separate microwaveable bowls. I used my Pyrex 4-cup Glass Measuring Cups because they are the perfect size. You want the dish to be pretty tall because the Peeps expand quite a bit while they’re in the microwave, and they will spill over shorter sides.
  2. Melt a 3 oz. package of Peeps with a tablespoon of butter for 45 seconds in the microwave. Feel free to pause for a moment of silence. Then stir them up.
  3. Add a cup and a half of Crispy Rice cereal and combine until cereal is completely coated with colorful, sticky Peeps goodness. Then press into a loaf pan lined with foil, then repeat the process with the rest of your colors.
  4. Allow the layered rice krispie treats to cook completely at room temperature. The remove from the pan, slice, and serve or wrap up as individual treats.

PRO TIP – I always keep a can of nonstick cooking spray nearby when making Marshmallow Treats. I spray the spatula for stirring and my fingers for pressing into the pan.

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One of my favorite ways to serve these Layered Peeps Treats is as “pops.” Once the treats are set and completely cooled, take them out of the pan and cut them into about one inch thick slices; a serrated knife works best. Then cut those 8 slices in half. I trimmed the sides so they were even, but that’s completely optional. Add a lollipop or Popsicle stick to each piece and you’ve got 16 adorable Easter treats that are perfect for classroom parties, Easter or spring party favors or gifts for neighbors.

Layered Peeps Crispy Treats are Rice Krispie Treats with a twist - they're made with Peeps and layered for a colorful Easter treat!


Because they’re made with Peeps, these treats definitely have a distinct flavor. We happen to love the flavor of Peeps so we love it. However, a lot of people have asked if you can make these with regular marshmallows and food coloring. While that isn’t my choice, the answer is yes, you can! Just use the basic Rice Krispie Treats recipe (find it on the cereal box) and divide the ingredients by the number of colors you plan to use. Then prepare each color in a separate bowl, adding a few drops of food coloring to each bowl as you go until you’ve reached your desired color. Then layer as seen in the photos above. This method definitely does add an extra step and the colors don’t get nearly as bright, but if you’re not a fan of Peeps (say what???) this will yield similar results.

A close up of Layered Peeps Rice Krispie Treats


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Rice krispie treats with layered colors of pink, yellow, purple, and blue.

Layered Peeps Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treats with a twist - they're made with marshmallow Peeps and layered for a beautiful, colorful Easter treat!
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 25 mins
Course Dessert, Easter Treat
Servings 8 -16 pieces


  • 4 tablespoons butter or margarine divided
  • 4 3- ounce packages Marshmallow Peeps in 4 different colors
  • 6 cups Crispy Rice cereal divided


  • Prepare an 8-9" loaf pan by lining with foil and spraying lightly with cooking spray.
  • Divide the Peeps by 10s of the same color - 10 pink, 10 yellow, etc. (use any colors you like).
  • In a deep, medium sized microwaveable dish, microwave 10 of the same color peeps with 1 tablespoon of butter on high for 45 seconds. Because microwaves vary, watch closely so the Peeps don't flow over the sides of the bowl. Stir butter and Peeps together until fully melted and incorporated. (*tip - spray a spatula with cooking spray before stirring).
  • Stir in 1 ½ cups of cereal until fully coated. Press firmly into the loaf pan.
  • Repeat steps 3-4 with the other Peeps colors.
  • Allow to cool completely (1-2 hours) before slicing.

This post was originally created in 2015 and updated in 2018.

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Social media image of Layered Peeps Crispy Treats

A close up of Layered Peeps Rice Krispie Treats Social media image of Layered Peeps Rice Krispie Treats


Social media image of Layered Peeps Rice Krispie Treats

Layered Peeps Treats - Such a fun and colorful Easter treat!

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  1. I’ve been making similar treats for awhile and instead of buying expensive peeps, regular marshmallows are just as good and just buy some gel food coloring which is very bright compared to the regular type. Plenty of colors to pick from too. You can also make the rice krispie treats with different tastes and colors, just use jello powders when as your marshmallows start melting. Gives you the color and you can still add a bit of food coloring if not bright enough. Always fun to do this with kids too!

  2. Absolutely love these!!! My three year old and I had a date night and this was her activity pick… turned out better than we thought it would! My only complaint is that now I’m addicted to these and want them ALL THE TIME lol.

  3. Do you think you could use an egg shaped and bunny rabbit cookie cutter and use them before they cool off

  4. I jus made these last night and they stayed soft as I was hoping so young and old could enjoy. It was a last minute thing, I’m vacationing with my family in Florida, I jumped in car and headed over to the nearest Publix grocery store to find everything I needed. I used unsalted butter and I used 10 peeps each of the 4 colors, and it came out perfect. It took about an hour to cool completely but some family couldn’t even wait that long! This morning they are nice and soft I’m sure they’ll be good for another 2 days if they last that long !
    Thanks for sharing the recipe ! ?

  5. Need help with this recipe! I made these and brought them into work… they looked great but since I made them the night before after they cooled I put them in a sealed container. Ended up having to throw most of them out as they were real soggy… maybe it was because of adding the butter to the peeps? No clue, however, I would love to make these for my 5 year old twin granddaughters for Easter but I CAN NOT have them come up soggy and therefore made them almost tasteless… PLEASE tell me what I can do to keep that from happening! Thanks so much! Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry, because of the sugar in the Peeps, these don’t last more than a day or two. They are best served the same day. Try storing them in a plastic bag, but keep it open. Or in a container that’s not sealed. They will get soggy otherwise because they aren’t like regular marshmallow treats.

      1. I want to make this tonight for an Easter celebration tomorrow. Do you recommend keeping them refrigerated uncovered overnight and then placing them into the lollipop baggies in the morning or can they be placed in the baggies tonight?

        1. Hi Michelle, sorry I didn’t’ see this until tonight. I hope you were able to get them made and delivered!

  6. I so wanted to make these this year, but I’m having trouble finding Pink and Blue Peeps in Toronto – does anyone know where these are available?

    1. Oh no! I know you can buy Peeps on their website: I’ve also seen them on Amazon, but don’t really seem an option on amazon Canada. Can you find any colors? Because you could just use whatever colors you can find. Good luck!

  7. Theses were so easy and adorable! I have them cooling now! Can’t wait to cut them up and package them up?

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