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The turkey may take center stage, but everyone knows it’s the sides that make the meal. Whether you’re looking for a familiar favorite or something new and different, you’ll find something to love on this list of over 50 Thanksgiving Side Dishes.

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Thanksgiving is the one day of the year when it’s ok to fill up your plate with mounds of delicious food. Calories don’t count on Thanksgiving, right?

In that case, these beautiful Thanksgiving side dishes will make the perfect accompaniment to your Thanksgiving dinner. Who said TURKEY has to be the star?

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The Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes

There are over 100 recipes on this list and I’ve broken it up into sections (stuffing, potatoes, veggies, etc.).  Easily find what you’re looking for by scrolling to the side dish category you’re interested in. Have a favorite that I missed? Let me know about it in the comments. I’m always looking for new easy Thanksgiving side dishes to try and share!

Arugula leaves, parmesan and croutons i a wooden bowl with salad tongs.


Here are some gorgeous salads, classics like a spinach salad and some new ideas like a crunchy wedge with homemade dressing. Having a salad as part of the spread is a great way to balance out all of the heaviness of traditional Thanksgiving sides.

Wedge Salad with Homemade Thousand Island Dressing
A Wedge Salad is a crisp and refreshing. Iceberg lettuce wedges topped with homemade thousand island dressing, bacon, tomatoes and pepper jack cheese.
A plate of wedge salad with dressing, bacon, cheese, and tomatoes on top
Spinach Salad
Spinach Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette is the best weekday salad! It's easy and fast, made with fresh spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers and crunchy walnuts.
A bowl of Spinach Salad
Mediterranean Green Bean Salad
Mediterranean Green Bean Salad is full of bright flavors and colors, with Feta cheese, Kalamata olives, chickpeas, tomatoes and a tangy Greek vinaigrette.
Green beans with feta, tomatoes, olives, and chickpeas
7 Layer Salad
7 Layer Salad is a classic potluck dish great for feeding a crowd. These layers of deliciousness can be made ahead of time for these easiest side dish ever!
7 Layer salad in a big glass salad bowl
Simple Carrot Salad
This simple shredded Carrot Salad is made with grated carrots and a quick vinaigrette. It's a healthy salad that's a cinch to whip up anytime.
Carrot salad in a bowl.
Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad
Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad is a perfect side dish for your fall get-togethers and especially Thanksgiving! Serve it hot or cold – it's sure to please!
A plate of brussels sprouts salad
Caesar Salad
A classic Caesar Salad recipe with homemade caesar salad dressing (and no anchovies!).
Bibb Lettuce Salad
This Bibb Lettuce Salad combines freshness and flavor in every bite, with crisp lettuce, walnuts, blue cheese, bacon and pickled onions.
A bowl of salad
Broccoli Slaw Recipe
This crunchy, flavorful broccoli salad has shaved broccoli, crisp apples, tart cherries, sunflower seeds and a tangy dressing for an easy year-round favorite.
A bowl of broccoli slaw
Homemade Raspberry Vinaigrette Recipe
This sweet and tangy Raspberry Vinaigrette recipe will elevate your salads. Make this flavorful dressing at home in a few simple steps.
Arugula Salad with Lemon Dressing
Arugula Salad is light and fresh, and tossed in a simple lemon dressing. It’s the perfect side salad that takes only minutes to make.
Arugula salad social media square image.
Best Macaroni Salad
The Best Macaroni Salad is a classic summer side dish with mayo, celery, sweet pickles, onions, peas, hard boiled eggs and a hint of mustard.
Easy Vegetable Pasta Salad
Vegetable Pasta Salad recipe is a perfect summer side dish for BBQs and Parties. Simple, fresh ingredients, and ready in 15 minutes.
Rotini pasta and vegetables with parmesan cheese on top in a large glass bowl.
Kale Salad with Quinoa and Chickpeas
Kale Salad with Quinoa and Chickpeas, plus brussels sprouts, cranberries and pecans with a simple vinaigrette is perfect for meal prep!
Winter Salad
Winter Salad is hearty and delicious, full of crisp apples, tangy goat cheese, and pomegranate seeds with a tangy homemade vinaigrette.
Veggie Tray
The best veggie tray is full of colorful vegetables, and a variety of flavorful dips. A vegetable tray is a must have at parties!
Lettuce and kale salad with apples and pomegranate seeds
Winter Salad with Apples and Pomegranate Seeds.


Easy to throw together and easy to transport, the casserole is an absolute staple of Thanksgiving! From sweet potato casserole to cornbread casserole and everything in between, choose a new side to make it’s debut or pick a classic that you know will be a sure winner.

Easy Cheesy Broccoli Casserole
Cheesy Broccoli Casserole with tender broccoli, a homemade cheddar cheese sauce and finishes with a crispy, buttery cracker crumb topping.
Green Bean Casserole with Bacon
Green Bean Casserole with Bacon is a salty, smoky update on the classic Thanksgiving side dish. Made with fresh green beans or canned.
Green Bean Casserole from Scratch
Green Bean Casserole from Scratch is easy to make with fresh ingredients and no canned soup! It's the best side dish for your holiday meal.
green bean casserole social media image
Scalloped Corn Casserole
Scalloped Corn is a classic casserole filled with creamy corn, topped with crushed butter crackers. A simple side dish for the holidays or a weeknight meal.
A dish of scalloped corn casserole
Broccoli Rice Casserole
Broccoli Rice Casserole is an easy to make side dish with a cheesy sauce. Make it a delicious part of your holiday meal or weeknight dinner.
Twice Baked Potato Casserole
Twice Baked Potato Casserole takes the flavors of loaded mashed potatoes and stuffs them into a delicious casserole topped with crunchy potato chips.
Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole
Copycat Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole is an easy, cheesy recipe with frozen hashbrowns, cheese sauce and a crunchy corn flakes topping. Perfect for potlucks, brunch or as a simple side dish.
Creamy Cornbread Casserole
This from-scratch Cornbread Casserole is made with a homemade Jiffy cornbread mix. It's perfect for holiday meals or any day of the week.
Cheesy Zucchini Casserole
Zucchini Casserole is a delicious side dish with tender zucchini, a creamy white cheddar cheese sauce and a crunchy panko breadcrumb topping.


At least one veggie dish should be present in the line-up, and there are lots to choose from! Try a hearty, cheesy casserole or keep it simple with some steamed green beans.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon are slightly sweet, savory, and irresistibly crispy. They’re an easy side dish to serve with any dinner.
Candied Carrots
Perfectly tender and glazed in a brown sugar sauce, this Candied Carrots recipe an easy holiday side dish that takes 30 minutes to prepare.
Cauliflower Gratin Recipe
Cauliflower Gratin is a great way to add more veggies to a meal, made with tender cauliflower, a creamy cheese sauce and crispy breadcrumbs.
One Pan Cauliflower “Mac” & Cheese
This One Pan Cauliflower “Mac” & Cheese recipe is a healthy, low-carb recipe that will satisfy your cheesy cravings. Makes a delicious and quick meal or a perfect Thanksgiving side dish.
A close up of cauliflower mac and cheese
Baked Acorn Squash
Baked Acorn Squash is delicious in a soup, baked in a casserole, or simply roasted and drizzled with butter, maple syrup and warm spices.
Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad
Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad is a perfect side dish for your fall get-togethers and especially Thanksgiving! Serve it hot or cold – it's sure to please!
A plate of brussels sprouts salad
Easy Oven Roasted Vegetables
Oven Roasted Vegetables are deliciously tender and roasted in a crave-worthy seasoning blend. Get tips for perfect roast veggies side dish every time!
A close up of many different roasted vegetables.
Garlic Green Beans
Garlic Green Beans are a simple, flavorful side dish that's fast and easy to make. Green beans cooked in garlic butter until tender with a squeeze of lemon.
A pan of sauteed green beans
Slow Cooker Creamed Corn
Slow Cooker Cream Style Corn is a simple side dish, made with sweet corn in a creamy sauce. It's perfect for holidays and weeknight meals.
Instant Pot Green Beans
Instant Pot Green Beans are an easy, flavorful side dish that's ready in 15 minutes. A touch of garlic butter makes them irresistable.
Green beans stacked on a platter and lifted with silver metal serving spoons.
Roasted Broccoli
Roasted Broccoli is a simple, light side dish tossed with olive oil, salt and paprika then roasted in the oven for a delicious, nutty flavor.
Roasted Broccoli on a pan
Roasted Broccolini
Roasted Broccolini is an easy side dish that's ready in 20 minutes. With just a few simple ingredients, you can get dinner on the table fast!
Honey Roasted Carrots
Roasted Carrots are the perfect side dish for the holidays! Tender and delicious carrots are caramelized with a sweet honey butter glaze.
Roasted carrots on a white serving platter with a black serving spoon.
Bacon Wrapped Green Beans
Bacon Wrapped Green Beans are as delicious as they look! Crispy bacon wrapped around green bean bundles seasoned with brown sugar and spices.
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
This simple Bacon Wrapped Asparagus recipe is made with just 5 ingredients in less than 30 minutes, for an easy appetizer everyone will love!
Broccoli with Cheese Sauce
Broccoli with cheese sauce is the best way to serve fresh broccoli – smothered in a creamy homemade cheese sauce. It's totally kid approved!
Sauteed Broccoli
Sauteed Broccoli is a healthy side dish with crisp-tender broccoli, garlic, lemon and red pepper flakes that cooks in just 10 minutes!
sauteed broccoli square image for social media.
Sauteed Mushrooms
A quick and easy side dish made from mushrooms, garlic, butter, Worcestershire, salt and pepper.
Garlic Butter Frozen Vegetables
Budget friendly frozen vegetables are transformed with a couple of simple, and tasty, tricks!
Southern Green Beans
Southern Green Beans are simmered low in chicken broth until they are nice and tender. Crispy bacon adds the perfect texture to the dish.
Large platter with balsamic drizzle over roasted brussels sprouts.
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon


Potatoes are a staple side for Thanksgiving, and you just need to basics – milk, cram, butter and salt. But if you want to up your potato game this year, try some roasted red potatoes or try making some mashed taters in the slow cooker!

The Best, Fluffy Mashed Potatoes
Want to know the secret to the best mashed potatoes? Keep it simple, no fancy ingredients – just the right ratio of butter, cream and salt.
Cheesy Mashed Potatoes
Cheesy Mashed Potatoes are fluffy, creamy and loaded with 3 kinds of cheese. So versatile, you can serve right away or make ahead and freeze.
A bowl of mashed potatoes
Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes
Crock pot mashed potatoes have diced potatoes simmered in the slow cooker and mashed with butter and cream for an easy holiday or weeknight side dish.
Red Skinned Mashed Potatoes Recipe
This is the ULTIMATE Red Skinned Mashed Potatoes recipe! This simple, easy-to-make recipe gives you perfectly creamy mashed potatoes in 30 minutes or less.
Mashed potatoes on a wooden spoon.
Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes
Easy, creamy Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes make the perfect side dish for any occasion.
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
These Garlic Mashed Potatoes are creamy and delicious. Made with minced garlic and cream cheese, it’s the best side dish and one that everyone will love!
A bowl of mashed potatoes with butter
Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes
Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes are rich, creamy, buttery and decadent. They are such an easy side dish for weeknight dinners or a holiday meal.
Loaded Mashed Potatoes
Loaded Mashed Potatoes are the ultimate comfy side dish with creamy potatoes loaded up with bacon, two kinds of cheese and green onions.
Potatoes Romanoff
Potatoes Romanoff is a classic side dish with shredded potatoes, cheese and sour cream. Elegant yet simple, and perfect for any occasion.
Potatoes romanoff social media square image.
Southern Potato Salad Recipe
Southern Potato Salad is a classic recipe for potlucks, picnics and BBQs. It's creamy, tangy and ready in 30 minutes, or make it a day ahead.
Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes
Easy Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes are the perfect side dish! Par-boiled instead of baked raw, these cheesy potatoes will always be cooked to creamy perfection.
Roasted Parmesan Potatoes
Roasted garlic potatoes are the perfect side dish for any meal. They're tender on the inside with crispy edges, garlic and parmesan cheese.
Roasted garlic potatoes social image.
Roasted Red Potatoes
Roasted Red Potatoes are a simple side dish that's packed with flavor. Lightly seasoned and roasted in the oven to get those amazingly crisp edges.
Close up of diced roasted red potatoes
Loaded Mashed Potato Puffs
Mashed Potato Puffs are fluffy and tender with crispy edges. A great way to use leftover potatoes. Filled with bacon, cheese and chives.
A close up of potato puffs
Loaded Smashed Potatoes
Smashed Potatoes loaded with cheese, bacon, sour cream and green onions are tender and fluffy on the inside with ultra crispy edges!
Roasted Purple Potatoes
Roasted Purple Potatoes are a delicious, simple to prepare and full of health benefits! Roasted in olive oil and seasonings and ready in about 30 minutes.
Roasted purple potatoes on a sheet pan
Twice Baked Potatoes
Twice Baked Potatoes are a classic recipe with Cheddar and Parmesan cheeses, and bacon. They are a great side dish for any holiday or meal!
Boiled Baby Potatoes with Garlic Herb Butter
These Garlic Herb Boiled Potatoes are creamy, tender and bursting with flavor, making them a perfect, quick side dish to any meal. 
Hasselback Potatoes
Quick and easy hasselback potatoes topped with bacon, cream cheese and herbs.
Perfect Baked Potatoes
Crispy, fluffy and delicious Easy Breakfast Potatoes are baked in the oven and are the perfect side dish for any meal | Potato Recipes | Breakfast Recipes
German Fried Potatoes
German Fried Potatoes, aka Bratkartoffeln, are tender on the inside with crispy edges. for an easy potato side dish is a family favorite!
Roasted Baby Potatoes
Roasted Baby Potatoes are an easy yet versatile side dish! Perfectly golden and crunchy on the outside, fluffy and tender on the inside.
Roasted Lemon Potatotes
Roasted Lemon Potatoes are crispy and flavorful, tossed in olive oil and Greek inspired spices then roasted for a truly addictive side dish.
cream cheese mashed potatoes on a white plate with a scoop on a wooden spoon
Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Bacon and Brown Sugar
Mashed Sweet Potatoes are creamy, buttery and loaded with bacon and warm brown sugar. They are the perfect side dish for your holiday meal.
mashed sweet potatoes with bacon and 2 pats of butter
Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes
These Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes are full of fall flavors and make for a great side dish!
These Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes are full of fall flavors and make for a great side dish!
Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes are coated in a cinnamon honey sauce and roasted until they are crispy and caramelized on the outside and tender on the inside.
A close up of roasted sweet potatoes
Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows
My Sweet Potato Casserole with marshmallows recipe is a classic Thanksgiving side dish with fresh sweet potatoes, brown sugar and cinnamon.
Sweet Potato and Bacon Hash
This Sweet Potato and Bacon Hash is an easy and savory brunch that the whole family will love!
Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes
Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes are the easiest way to make perfectly cooked sweet potatoes with little effort and in a fraction of the time.
Candied Yams
Candied Yams are a classic side dish that's perfect for Thanksgiving. Tender yams, or sweet potatoes, glazed in a buttery brown sugar sauce.
white bowl, mashed sweet potatoes, spoon
Mashed Sweet Potatoes


Served on the side rather than actually “stuffed” into the turkey, stuffing (or dressing) is a must have.

Cornbread Stuffing
Southern Cornbread Stuffing is a moist and fluffy dressing with chunks of sweet cornbread and veggies soaked in an herb infused broth.
Bacon & Onion Stuffing
This Bacon Onion Stuffing is a flavorful and savory take on the classic!
A bowl of stuffing with bacon
Traditional Homemade Stuffing
Homemade Stuffing has dried bread cubes tossed with celery, onions, fresh herbs and broth, then baked until it's moist and fluffy, and crispy on the outside.
Classic Sausage Stuffing
Sausage Stuffing has savory Italian sausage, bread, vegetables, herbs and spices. It's the perfect side dish for all of your holiday meals.
white baking dish with homemade stuffing
Homemade Stuffing

Pasta and Rice

If potatoes and stuffing aren’t your thing, or you have some picky potato-haters (like I do!), you’ll want to have some yummy options for them too. Plus bread is just good pretty much any time.

Seasoned Rice with Herbs and Garlic
Herb Seasoned Rice is fluffy and flavorful, and the perfect side dish for any meal. It's way better than a boxed mix and ready in 20 minutes!
Easy Rice Pilaf
Upgrade everyday rice with this Easy Rice Pilaf with Vegetables. It's simple, uses fresh ingredients and adds incredible flavor to any plate. 
Instant Pot Mushroom Risotto
Instant Pot Mushroom Risotto is a rich and delicious recipe made with your pressure cooker for an easy vegetarian dinner or decadent side dish! Fresh thyme, Parmesan and white wine take the flavors in this dish to the next level!
Instant Pot Mushroom Risotto in bowl on table
Stovetop Shells & Cheese
Creamy Stovetop Mac and Cheese is a family favorite, easily customized with different cheeses and ready in 30 minutes.
One Pan Buttered Noodles
One Pan Buttered Noodles is a fast and easy side dish. As the pasta simmers it creates a rich and luscious sauce – no draining required!
egg noodles with butter, wooden spoon, silver pan
Pumpkin Mac and Cheese
Learn how to make creamy, delicious Pumpkin Mac and Cheese that'll wow the whole family! It's healthy and delicious, and perfect for fall.
Pumpkin mac and cheese social media image.
Baked Macaroni and Cheese
Creamy Baked Mac and Cheese is a tried and true family favorite made with tender pasta, cheddar cheese sauce and a crunchy pretzel topping.
Jalapeno Popper Mac and Cheese
Jalapeno Popper Mac and Cheese has macaroni in a rich and creamy cheese sauce with bold, spicy jalapeno peppers, bacon and a crispy topping.
Shell pasta and cheese sauce in a white pot with a wooden spoon.
Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Bread and Rolls

Parmesan Garlic Herb Quick Bread
This Parmesan Garlic Herb Quick Bread is a tender, flavorful bread that makes a great side dish to any meal.
A close up of dinner rolls
Onion Rolls Recipe
These Onion Rolls are soft and fluffy, with a healthy bite of onion flavor. They are perfect for adding to your weeknight or holiday menu.
Onion rolls social media image.
Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe
The Best Cheesy Garlic Bread has 3 kinds of cheese, fresh herbs and tons of garlic. Turn plain french bread into cheesy, garlicky perfection!
Parmesan Rosemary Dinner Rolls
These super easy and incredibly delicious Parmesan Rosemary Rolls look beautiful, and will be the hit of your celebrations, and no one will now just how easy they were to make!
A close up of dinner rolls
Sour Cream Cornbread
Sour Cream Cornbread is the perfect side for your holiday meal or favorite bowl of chili. It's incredibly moist and deliciously tender.
Cornbread Muffins
Sour Cream Cornbread Muffins are fluffy and moist. Smother with butter and honey and pair them with your favorite bowl of soup or chili.
Buttery Frozen Dinner Rolls with Garlic and Rosemary
Frozen Rhodes rolls are the easiest frozen dinner rolls! No kneading or mixing, just 3-4 hours of rise time for soft, and fluffy dinner rolls.
Honey Oat Quick Bread
Honey Oat Bread is a wholesome, delicious quick bread made with whole wheat flour, oats, plain yogurt for richness and honey for sweetness.
Beer Bread
This Beer Bread recipe is a simple and customizable quick bread that's slightly sweet, super moist and made with just 6 ingredients.
Drop Biscuits
Drop Biscuits are flaky, tender, and so easy to make! No yeast, rising, or kneading – just mix up the dough, drop on the sheet, and bake!
Mini Parmesan Garlic Knots
Mini Parmesan Garlic Knots are a poppable appetizer that flies off the plate! Serve them small, or make bigger knots to serve up with your favorite dinners!
Mini Parmesan Garlic Knots are a poppable appetizer that flies off the plate! Serve them small, or make bigger knots to serve up with your favorite dinners!
Copycat Cheesecake Factory Brown Bread
Cheesecake Factory Brown Bread has a fluffy texture and a savory, slightly sweet flavor. A perfect copycat recipe to make at home anytime!
Copycat Cheddar Bay Biscuits
Garlic Cheese Biscuits are a copycat of Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits. They are cheesy, garlicky and salty yet still tender and flaky – you definitely won't want to share.
A close up of homemade bread rolls with garlic and cheese.
Garlic Cheese Toast
Garlic Cheese Toast has a rich garlic butter and is topped with three melty cheeses. It's the perfect side for just about any meal!
Garlic Rosemary Focaccia
Focaccia bread with roasted garlic and fresh rosemary is so fluffy and tender. It's easy to make and there is no kneading required.
Parker House Rolls
Parker House Rolls are a soft and buttery, melt-in-your-mouth dinner roll. They are brushed with butter before and after baking making them even more irresistible. Your family is going to love these amazing homemade rolls. 
Biscuits with cheese and parsley on top.
Garlic Cheese Biscuits

Sweet Side Dishes

We always have a few staple sweets to go with all the savory food. Our family favorite is the Sour Cream Salad, but of course, traditional cranberry sauce is a must!

Mandarin Orange Salad
Mandarin Orange Salad is a fluffy, sweet treat that's light & refreshing. With just 5 ingredients, this Jello Salad takes 10 minutes to make!
Fried Apples Recipe
These Fried Apples have the perfect balance of tender, caramelized apples, a hint of cinnamon, and just the right amount of sweetness.
Sour Cream Salad
A creamy fruit salad with cool whip and sour cream, marshmallows and chunks of fruit.
Cranberry Fluff Salad
Cranberry Fluff Salad is a creamy cranberry salad side dish or dessert with cranberry sauce, marshmallows, oranges, pineapple and Cool Whip.
Homemade Cranberry Orange Sauce
Cranberry Orange Sauce is a delicious combination of sweet and tart, and the perfect accompaniment to all your holiday meals.
Slow Cooker Applesauce
Seal and store in the fridge for up to a week or the freezer for up to 6 months. Be sure to leave at least an inch of space above the sauce for freezing.
Instant Pot Applesauce
Instant Pot Applesauce is sweet and tart, and ready in about 20 minutes. Easily customizable with your favorite apples and little to no sugar added.
Small white dish full of applesauce.
Classic Pistachio Fluff Salad
Pistachio Salad is a classic dessert recipe made with pistachio pudding, pineapple, marshmallows, cool whip and nuts.
Green Jello Salad
Jello Salad is a vintage recipe that's part side dish & part dessert. This Green Jello Salad is deliciously creamy and perfect for sharing with friends!
Homemade Orange Cranberry Sauce

Got Turkey?

Got the sides, now you need the TURKEY! Try our recipe for the best Thanksgiving Turkey (with video!). If you’re feeding a smaller group, try our Turkey Breast recipe in the Instant Pot, oven roasted, or air fryerIt’s got simple ingredients and a ton of flavor – and there are lots of tips to help you out!

Don’t forget the dessert…Mini Maple Pumpkin Pies, No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Sweet Potato Pie, and Pecan Pie are just a few of our favorites!

Don’t forget the turkey!

Get the best roast turkey recipe, plus TONS of tips!


What do you serve with Thanksgiving dinner?

You’ve got the roast turkey breast, you’ve got the turkey gravy, but it can get boring with the same old traditional mashed potatoes and green bean casserole every year. That’s why I’ve put together this incredible collection that showcases the MANY different options you have to help round out your Thanksgiving feast. I can wait to try them all! Wherever you start, you won’t be disappointed with these Thanksgiving recipes!

What is the most popular Side Dish at Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is THE food holiday of the year! Some think that the turkey is the star, but really, it’s the sides. The side dishes have always been my favorite part of Thanksgiving – from the sweet potatoes to the rolls to the stuffing to the green beans. Mashed Potatoes are my all-time favorite, and they’re one of the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes of all. 

How many side dishes should you have at Thanksgiving?

Lots of them! Of course, it depends on how many people you will have at dinner, but the more options you can provide, the better. You want to have at least 2 of each type of side – 2 vegetable sides, 2 starches, 2 desserts. Make sure to include a variety of flavors and textures.

How far ahead can I make Thanksgiving sides?

Most of the dishes on your menu can probably be made ahead of the big day. Things like casseroles, desserts, and even gravy can be made in advance to save you time on Thanksgiving Day. Prepare the side and bake it or cook it through, then wrap it up and store in the fridge for up to 2 days. Reheat in a 300℉ oven for 5-10 minutes, depending on the dish.

Before deciding to prepare a recipe in advance, be sure to read the instructions and any tips that may have been included to make sure you’re doing it safely.

What do you serve after Thanksgiving?

If you want to use up your leftover turkey, you can make Turkey Shepherd’s Pie or Turkey Vegetable Soup, or one of 25+ Leftover Turkey Recipes! I am usually looking for something lighter after that big meal so something like BLT Turkey Wraps, Caldo de Pollo Soup, or just a simple Air Fryer Grilled Cheese sandwich will do.

Kristin Maxwell

Kristin Maxwell is the creator and main recipe developer, writer, and photographer of Yellow Bliss Road. A self-taught cook and self-appointed foodie, she specializes in easy, flavorful and approachable recipes for any home cook.

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