DIY Striped Picture Frame

I completed a new project! Yay!!! (You’re excited for me too, right? Because it’s been a while since I’ve actually completed a project. I know you’re jumping up and down with me in spirit).
I have a large space above my computer in my “office” section of my living room, and I wanted a photo of my kids up there. Only, I didn’t want a GIANT photo of my kids. 

Remember me saying here that I wanted to incorporate a little more black in the room? Ok, maybe that was in my head, but nonetheless, that’s become my goal. 
I also want stripes. I seriously am obsessed with stripes. Funny those little things we are constantly drawn too…stripes is one of mine.
So here was my goal: Fill a large space with a small photo of my kids; add black; add stripes.
I started with an old cabinet door, painted a creamy white.

Then I measured out the spaces for the stripes.

And taped them off using blue painter’s tape. Thanks to Pamela’s suggestion, I marked the sections that I was not painting to avoid accidentally painting in the wrong place.

Next I painted the black stripes.

I pulled off the tape to reveal my perfectly misplace stripes. I blame it on my kids who kept bugging me wanting to help. I actually kind of like it!

Using a sanding block, I distressed the stripes and the edges.

Because of the dimensions of the frame and the orientation I wanted, I had to paint the stripes against the grain, so it made the distressing  a little difficult since I didn’t want to bleed the black into the white.

To attach the Dollar Store black wood frame, I simply hammered a single nail into the cabinet door and hung the smaller frame.

I’m so please with the results, and double pleased that I finally finished a project. Go team ME!

My little office space

Have you finished any projects you’re proud of lately?

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  1. says

    That turned out great and it looked like a fun process! My daughter-in-law and I just painted a $1.00 thrift store lamp. I will be posting a few pictures in a few days of the before and after.

  2. says

    I love this kristin! And no. I haven’t finished any projects unless you consider nonstop Olympic watching and eating Cheetos a project. :) but I love how all of my blog friends keep inspiring me!!

  3. says

    beautiful, Kristin! I did a double take on the frame- I didn’t realize until the tutorial that it was dimensional! Initially I thought you had added a twine embellishment around the edge! :) Super cute either way. Love this idea.

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