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  1. Maria says

    My family loved this. I added a can of diced fire roasted tomatoes and 2 Tablespoons of Parmesan cheese to the soup. He said it was the best sauce I’d ever made. Thanks sooooo much! I’m

  2. Marlene Daley says

    When taking this soup to a pot luck, can the noodles be added after the soup is cooked & not taken separately?

    • Kristin says

      If you cook the noodles separately, then add them to the soup it should be ok to let it sit like that. I’d say maybe rinse the noodles to remove some of the starch, otherwise it will thicken the soup and the noodles will become mushy. Rinsing should help.

  3. Julie says

    I know i said in my above post i was going to try this for my 35th birthday last November but i forgot. I did try it a couple of days ago. I made my own meatballs using 500 minced/ground beef, i pkt of Salt Reduced French Onion Soup Mix and 2 tablespoons of Dried Parsley. The soup was a bit on the salty side, though i didn’t add any, i think it may have been the jar of pasta sauce. Its not the one i usually use. I think the next time i try this i’ll use my usual pasta sauce and review again.

  4. H. Briceno says

    This is my new favorite soup to make. It tastes like you’ve been slaving over it all day, and it’s so quick and easy. When I do t have meatballs on hand I just cook up some ground beef. I top it with Romano cheese and it’s a great weeknight meal. I always crave this when I’m sick. Five stars!!

  5. Ann says

    This soup is amazing! I did change it slightly because my niece is vegetarian. I used veggie broth and sliced portabella mushrooms in place of meatballs and it was wonderful! Seriously, wonderful! Even in the summer time my little family was asking for seconds! I used a box of already broken spaghetti noodles and increased the amount of spices and garlic I used slightly and it was fantastic! Good enough that my nieces friends were asking if they could come over for dinner the next time I made this! This recipe is in our regular rotation through Fall & Winter in Seattle. Cannot wait to make this agin! Thank you for a wonderful and versatile recipe!

  6. Chef Smell says

    Wow talk about lazy!!!!! Jarred sauce? Did you buy pre-made frozen meatballs too? Your bio says you love to cook so why not make this more from scratch than buying processed foods? Talk about unhealthy!!!!

    • Kristin says

      I do love to cook, I’m not lazy, and who are you to say that I am? I am a hardworking single mom, and don’t have a ton of time to spend in the kitchen, like many of my readers. We sometimes have to take shortcuts. Of course you could use homemade spaghetti sauce. Oh, and if you read the post, you’ll see that I DID make meatballs from scratch…or were you too lazy to read it all the way through? Really, no need to be nasty and ugly – to each his own.

      • laurie says

        Amen! Why would someone be so hateful!? I haven’t made this yes but maybe this week. I am going to use jarred sauce and fresh meatballs that I bought at the grocery not frozen. But, you know in a pinch frozen may be the order of the day. Thanks for the recipe!

      • Stinger says

        Some chef must need a recipe for meatballs, and canned sauce, to assume that everyone uses frozen meatballs and jarred sauce is idiotic in the first place. This is an excellent recipe, and there are plenty of great sauces out there these days. I make home made sauces etc and I have tried several store bought that have excellent sauces on the shelf! Thank for sharing. Love quick recipes.

    • Julie says

      @ Chef Smell, quit being a jerk. @ Kristin, i have a Spaghetti Meatball soup recipe that i make from scratch, it takes forever but is really good. (also, at least triple the quantity. i tend to make things in bulk) I think your recipe would be great for the days when i feel like the S@B Soup but don’t have the time or energy to make it from scratch. Will try it sometime next month. Maybe for my Birthday (12th November) I’ll post again with another review after i have made it.

    • Marlene Daley says

      Why be so judgmental. Start your own blog & hope people don’t criticize you. No one forced you to read the recipe.

  7. Joanne says

    Oh my goodness this soup was so good. I made it today, my husband who is a very fussy eater could hardly wait to dig in. He loved it had 2 big servings. Now I am going to make a double batch and freeze some
    I am so happy I found your site