Christmas Traditions

Christmas, for many, is about traditions. Traditions that are passed down from parent to child for generations. They can be activities that are ceremoniously carried out each year, or decorations that are strategically placed out of curious hands.
rodney reindeer
Here are a few of our family traditions…
My grandmother’s Creche, complete with wooden pieces. The lever you see is a music box and plays “Away in a Manger” as the angels turn. (I just realized that the manger scene is backward and baby Jesus should be under the angels. Oops. I blame my children.)
While Oma’s creche stays out of reach, this little creche set is all theirs. It was mine when I was their age.
Rodney Reindeer is incredibly special, as he belonged to my father. It was a special joke between he and I that it was mine and he stole it from me. When he died, I got it back. Rodney has a special place high atop the TV armoire, and my kids know he is special because he belonged to Grandpa.
My house isn’t very big, so we traditionally just have one big tree. I set it up the day after Thanksgiving and let the kids decorate it. I haven’t put the glass ornaments on in several years. I figure when they are old enough to leave the tree alone, we will add those and all decorate together. For now, they just love to put their ornaments on the tree, and if they can get six on one branch, they have succeeded!
I have many ornaments that are special, and the it is my tradition to add to the tree each year. These crocheted ice skates are one of them. My grandmother made them many, many years ago.
This year we have a new tradition ~ Meet Buddy the Elf! He isn’t quite as mischievous as some of the other elves I’ve seen, but he really likes to dangle from high places, like curtain rods and ceiling lights.
My favorite tradition of all is Christmas at Disneyland. The lights, the tree, the treats, the parade…everything just puts me in the holiday mood. And they have the best Santa, and we have pictures with the same one from the time Cooper was born.
Christmas 2011
What are some of your Christmas traditions?
I’m also guest posting over at Clean & Scentsible today for Jenn’s Trim the Tree series. Here’s a little hint of the handmade ornament I’m sharing:
Any guesses?


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  1. says

    Great blog post! I loved every word and LOVED all pictures. Your kids are so beautiful and happy. I always like seeing their happy little faces. My Mom use to crochet Christmas hats and a few other “sassy” holiday items that I still have. Enjoy the season with your beautiful family Kristen!

    Take care. . .

  2. says

    I love all of the traditions you share with your precious family! Especially Rodney the Reindeer. So happy that the holidays will be filled with such joy! And our fun girl times!!

    love you

  3. says

    I makes me smile to see all your traditions. It’s a time of year for nostalgia for when we were little ones and for today’s little ones to trim trees the way they like them!

  4. says

    I love your traditions. I have a few of my family traditions that I am passing down to my children but I have also added some new traditions this year that I am supper excited about.

  5. says

    Kristin! That snowman is adorable! I’m definitely making one…or a few. Have you tried it yet wih wide-mouth rings? I’m thinking of doing the bottom two body parts in the wide-mouth rings and the top one in a standard ring…but that may look wonky, so we’ll see! Thanks for the great inspiration! And I’ve been looking for a new nativity set; I will be on a life-long search for one just like yours because it is beautiful!

  6. says

    Love your traditions! The reindeer really had me, what a blessing to have something like that to pass on through generations – so precious. I also have a “very nice” nativity and then one that I purchased from current about 18 years ago that is for kid play. It helps me keep my sanity to have little hands away from the ‘no touch’ version!

  7. says

    I also have Rodney, who was my mom’s, and a girl that matches. I think she was Rhonda but I’m not sure. They will come out next week along with a very old elf that we had in our house (in the 60’s…I’m old) that was before the commercial elf on the shelf. He was used in the same way though.

  8. says

    Kristin, I loved this post because it was so simple. Such a great reminder that our traditions can be too.
    And I have the EXACT same little ice skating ornaments from my grandmother! And our paperclips are all rusty too!!!

  9. says

    I absolutely love Christmas traditions! They remind me of the childhood when we were sitting in our living room by the Christmas tree, there was snow outside and it felt just so good to be sitting there with all my loved ones! Hope I can pass our traditions down on my own children one day.

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