Free Printable Valentine’s Day Treat Tags & Visa Gift Cards Giveaway

Thank you to Rich Products for sponsoring today’s discussion.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we all start thinking about giving small gifts to show people our love and affection towards them. But what if we did that all year long? I’m getting you started for Valentine’s Day with some free printable treat tags, and in the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more tags that you can use any day of the year.

Valentine's Day Treat Tags and Gift Idea

“Bakery Because; Give the Gift of Deliciousness” is a new campaign that has been launched by Rich Products to help remind us that it’s easy to help make someone’s day just a little brighter with a small, unexpected treat.

I’m always baking up new treats, like my Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Cookies or Red Velvet Cake Mix Bars, but there are only three of us in my home and two are children that I would prefer to not give a ton of sweets to. All those goodies would surely go bad if I didn’t do something with them. So I package them up pretty simply in cellophane bags or on a cute paper plate and deliver them to my kids’ school for the teachers to enjoy. They all get pretty excited when they see me walking in with a little care package. It’s a simple way to remind them that someone appreciates what they do (and trust me, teachers need that reminder!).

But sometimes I just don’t have the time or desire to bake, so during my regular grocery shopping I know that I can always stop by the bakery section and grab a package of cookies or brownies. It’s a small, meaningful way to do something selfless for another person just for the purpose of making them smile.

Free Valentine's Treat Tags and Cookies

So today I encourage you to think about some ways you can show the people in your life you appreciate them. The next time you’re grocery shopping, stop by the bakery section and pick up a package of cookies, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, donuts or other small treat and think about who’s day can be made a little brighter with just that simple gift.

I’ve got some free printable Treat Tags that you can use to help prettify your packages, and an opportunity to win one of three $25 gifts to use to purchase some small treats for the special people in your life! You can download the tags below, and enter the contest using the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

Valentine's Day Treat Tags and Gift Idea

download printablehere

 For more Valentine’s Day Printables check out this ultimate printable pack, with over 120 pages of Valentine’s printables!


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  1. Melissa says

    My sister who volunteers for meals on wheels. During her lunch hour to make sure senior citizens get a hot meal.

  2. Amy Cooley says

    My mom is always there for others and gives of herself. She has such a servants heart and an encouraging spirit.

  3. Becky says

    My husband makes this world a better place by teaching the young people of today life skills for their futures! He’s also the most amazing husband and father, which makes my sons and my world a better place! :)

  4. Kelly D says

    My husband makes the world a better place, he is the leader of my son’s scout troop and does a lot for our community.

  5. Sarah Hall says

    My Mom volunteers to help the local rescue squad with fund raisers. She also gives a lot to the church food pantry and helps any way she can.

  6. Lisa says

    My Mom – she always put everyone before her & today is her birthday so I’ve been thinking about how special she is all day!

  7. amanda says

    My husband is a Marine Corps Veteran and is starting a second job streaming podcasts online and donating the proceeds to veteran organizations

  8. Nicole Palma says

    My mom who is the most generous, kind, loving person I have ever met who is making the world a better place simply by example

  9. Teresa says

    My mom is a wonderful and most generous women ever. My grandma recently broke her wrist and my mom stayed by her side throughout her surgery and when she was hospitalized. My mom wants to travel the world to help others once she retires. Every year, she spends most of her tip money or all the money she has to give to the people in need so they may have something for the holidays.

  10. Amy R says

    My kids – hopefully, we are teaching them to make the world a better place through being kind, respectful, and doing your part to help others.

  11. Tabathia B says

    My daughter who is a college student going to college to be a doctor volunteers for the Ronald Mcdonald organization and the Food Bank

  12. Courtney Arrington says

    Both of my parents are teachers; my mom teaches Child Development at our local University and my father is a special needs teacher <3

  13. Wild Orchid says

    My aunt has her own small charity in which she works with kids living in poverty. She raises money for their clothing, school supplies, and food.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  14. Vanessa says

    Love love love ALL of your printables! Used a few for Christmas gifts and now I’ve got some for valentines day! Thank you!!

  15. Jill Hartley says

    my husband. not only does he go above and beyond for me and my daughter but he’s an insurance adjuster that truly goes above and beyond to help his customers and to make their experience as positive as it can be. truly inspirational.

  16. Barbara Bradford says

    My Loved one is my very best friend. My dear husband of over 33 years has been by my side through everything, including those times of sadness and tears that could destroy any relationship, to the times we laugh so hard it brings tears of pure silliness.

  17. Jenna D says

    My SO works to with solar energy, he spends most of his time away from home installing clean energy sources across the country.

  18. Vanessa says

    My husband is graduating seminary this May. We are hoping to go pastor a church and share the love of Jesus with others. Only Gods love can truly make the world a better place!

  19. lara r says

    My kids always surprise me with their compassion and wonder. They go out of their way to help strangers and friends at school. It makes me so proud that they do it on their own.

  20. Emily C says

    My mom, who is the most generous and giving person I know. During a recent “Blizzard” scare, waiting in long lines to check out at the grocery store, she noticed an elderly man who was looking around for a cart. They were all taken. She left her spot and went around the parking lot and brought in carts. Then she talked to the manager about opening up a check out line just for the handicapped or elderly. That is just one example of how she gives of her time and heart to help others, even people she doesn’t know.

  21. Sharon says

    My son (in college) who is constantly volunteering to serve others – such a compassionate, caring and giving young man. Can you tell I’m proud?

  22. Sarah says

    Thanks for the great idea. We’re throwing a Valentine’s couples dinner at our church and I am definitely going to be making goody bags using your idea.

  23. D. Williamson says

    My husband. He has grown so much and come so far after a major head injury many years ago. He has now survived the TBI longer than he had lived before it. He is the sole breadwinner for our family, and looks after his moms household and property as well. A remarkable man. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

  24. Gwen says

    My husband spends countless days and night repairing customers heating systems and air conditioning. He tells me everyday how the stay at home mom ‘s love him for doing what their husbands don’t have time to do. I love that he knows how to fix anything around the house!

  25. Rosie says

    My loved one is my sister who works in the emergency room of a hospital and she is very dedicated. She doesn’t have a very high status position, but she treats all who come in with superior care and help and is nice to them, esp as many are injured and scared of what’s next.

  26. DESIREE H says

    My husband, who is my best friend and the most loveable person in the world. He is so sweet and patient with me :)
    I love him dearly.

  27. Nancy K. says

    Well, my two sons: the younger, because he is cheerful and loving in the face of a serious disability, and his big brother, who looks after him, and who will protect him always. They have my heart.

  28. Amanda Wilson says

    My husband’s aunt is one of the most selfless, giving people I know. She volunteers all the time, for myriad different projects, and she’s just a generally good person. The world is definitely a better place for her being in it…:)

  29. Amber says

    My sister. She always helps people, has a really caring and loving heart, and even when she broke her neck and had to wear a halo brace for over 3 months she was still trying to do things for other people! She is most definitely my hero.

  30. Laura J says

    Oh my mother for sure! She is retired now, but spends about 8 hours a day at the hospital volunteering. She has been doing it for about 5 years now, she has so many hours in…just amazing to me! And…she does not miss a day unless she is really sick!

  31. rachelcartucci says

    My husband teaches music to at risk kids every day. We run into old students all the time who tell my husband how much he meant to them and how he saved them from gangs. I learn all kinds of things my husband did to help people,things he never even shared with me. He is a great guy!

  32. Jayne says

    My loved one (my husband) is trying to make this world a better place for me, by taking care of me, loving me, and giving me the strength and encouragement to be able to be a good wife to him!

  33. says

    My brother always thinks of others first. Without going into details I’ll just say that he is more important to our family and just about everyone he meets than he’ll ever know :)

  34. Alycia says

    My brother in law is a volunteer firefighter and has responded to the most calls three years in a row. He’s extremely dedicated to helping others!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  35. K. Finn says

    Almost all of my loved ones are making the world a better place, because we are studying human rights and international development.

  36. Ashley C says

    My husband who works to actively hire individuals who might be overlooked at other places of business


  37. gayle gildehaus says

    my friend frankie started a community garden last year at our local community college for those that are in “drug court” to do their community service there

  38. Annette says

    My cousin is making the world a better place. She’ has two jobs, is raising her kids on her own, yet is always concerned about me and the things going on in my life.

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