Printable Chalkboard Letters Cake Bunting

Add some adorable charm to cakes, pies, signs and more with these free printable chalkboard mini bunting letters!

I can’t help but swoon over charming little bunting flags strung atop a pretty cake. Since chalkboards are one of my favorite things, I decided to put the two together to create this printable chalkboard bunting that you can download to add a bit of chalkboard festiveness to your cakes, cupcakes, and pies.

To attach the bunting, just cut out the letters you wish to use , fold them in half, and glue to a piece of string or baker’s twine. Attach the twine to paper straws or wooden skewers and insert into your cake or pie.
The best part is, I’m not just giving you “Happy Birthday,” but the whole alphabet so you can share whatever sentiment you’d like!


Download the chalkboard bunting letters here.

(Please do not try to download from the blog post, it won’t work correctly. Use the above link to download the pdf file.)


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  1. says

    These are absolutely awsome! Is there any chance that you could add more letters? I would love to have the danish letters Æ, Ø ans Å. My daughters name is Lærke :-)

  2. Anonymous says

    So perfect for my daughter’s chalkboard birthday party this weekend. I’m so glad I found this on pinterest, thank you!

  3. says

    Wow, Kristin, thanks so much for this!! I just found this post via Pinterest and I’m so excited! My husband won’t spring for a color printer, so you can’t imagine how delighted I am to find a fabulous printable that works on our super lame black and white printer :)

  4. AmandaH says

    Thank you…what a great gift! I came across this on Pinterest and just had to print it to use for my son’s 1st birthday! Thank you! I will be reading through your whole blog now!!!

  5. says

    j’adore : il sera aussi parfait pour mes pages de scrap !… je cherche des freebies sur le Net pour les partager, pour l’instant sur Pinterest (où j’ai déjà plus de 14000 liens vers des téléchargements gratuits), en attendant l’ouverture de mon propre site, et je vais vite poster le lien pour que tout le monde puisse télécharger et utiliser votre jolie création !… merci pour le partage, Is… (si vous voulez voir ce que je fais, c’est là : )

  6. says

    Thank you so much for posting these!! Just used them for my daughter’s birthday cupcakes and this was such a wonderful resource to have pre-made! Thank you again!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    OOH!! These are too cute!! Would you happen to have numbers and some punctuation marks available?

  8. says

    This is absolutely adorable! Thanks so much – anonymous, the link is the word HERE… in the sentence download the chalkboard bunting letters HERE.

  9. says

    This is absolutely adorable! Thanks so much – anonymous, the link is the word HERE… in the sentence download the chalkboard bunting letters HERE.

  10. Susan says

    Thanks for the inspiration! I made a cake for my son-in-law over the weekend and used the chalkboard bunting letters!

    Here’s a picture:

    I forgot to look at the picture again and didn’t remember that I could have used straws.
    I used long toothpicks that weren’t quite long enough!

    I will definitely try again when not so pressed for time. Thanks for printout – love your blog!

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