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Learn my best tips for collecting great stocking stuffers for kids and fill your kids’ stockings with fun, unique and budget friendly items. There are over 100 kids stocking stuffers on this list – small gifts and treasures that will be just as memorable and meaningful as the big stuff. 

Check one more thing off your list with these simple and easy Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas! So many stocking fillers to choose from! Do you have any ideas you’d add to the list? Leave me a comment below!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Are you tired of spending money on kids stocking stuffers just to fill up your kids’ sock with junk? I have become an expert stocking stuffer over the last 20 years and I’m here to share my greatest tips, tricks and go-to gifts! 

I’m talking practical, useful and meaningful items that won’t just be used once and buried in the sock drawer. 

Finding the perfect stocking stuffers for kids can be challenging. I mean let’s face it – some people don’t fill stockings because it’s hard to come up with a bunch more ideas and money for little gifts when the big ones are already under the tree.

And then there’s the issue with making everything fit in that little furry sock.

What Do You Fill in Kids Stockings?

A Christmas stocking is an empty sock that’s hung on your fireplace mantel, wall or door that is left out in anticipation of Santa’s arrival. When Santa Claus arrives on Christmas Eve, he fills it with small toys, candy, fruits, coins, or other small gifts.

Filling stockings for my kids is arguably one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I love coming up with ideas for kids stocking fillers that I know they will love and that fit their personalities, choosing their special ornament for the tree each year, and picking out some of their favorite treats to include. The joy on their faces when pulling out those little treats and trinkets is better than seeing what Santa left under the tree on Christmas morning.

Christmas tree, lights, ornaments, presents, stockings, fireplace, garland, mirror

Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Stocking Stuffers for kids

  • Budget. You don’t want to break the bank on stocking stuffers so setting a budget will help keep you on track. Use our free printable Christmas Planner to get started. 
  • Make a list. I know this was a big tip in my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, but it’s not any less true now. 
  • Pay attention. What’s that? Listen to your kids! Anything they mention could be something you can jot down as a stocking stuffer idea. Just things that kids talk about in passing can be super meaningful when it comes to stuffing that sock. 
  • Collect things year round. One of my simple pleasures is getting a quarterly subscription box from Fab Fit Fun. It’s got all kinds of goodies for hair and makeup, clothes and other goodies as well as opportunities to score product at 70% off several times a year. What I can’t use goes into the Christmas box. Same for makeup samples I get when buying my beauty supplies. These work really well for my older girls. Keep your eyes peeled for little things you see at the store, and things your kids are playing with at the checkout aisle.
  • Check the dollar bins. Lots of big box stores like Target, Walmart and even Michaels have budget aisles. The Dollar Tree is a great place to look, too. 
  • Throw in some candy as filler. Everyone loves candy. My grandma always used to put an orange in our stockings for tradition. For us it’s chocolate santas.
  • Whatever doesn’t fit in their stocking can be saved as small prizes to use throughout the year for good behavior, grades, etc.
  • Add sample or mini sizes of things like body wash and soap, things they actually need. Kids love cute little mini versions of their favorite things.
  • Don’t wait until midnight Christmas Eve to see if it all fits! Do a dry run a week or a few days before.

How to Shop This List

Throughout this comprehensive list, you’ll find over 100 ideas! Some include links for specific items so you can get more details, including options and pricing. The other half of the list is simply ideas you can look for at your local retail store.

Please note, while we do our best to ensure availability of the products we share, some items may become unavailable or sell out. So, shop early!

101 Kids Stocking Fillers

I’ve pulled together this amazing list based on items that have been a hit in my kids’ stockings over the years, and things I wish I’d thought of. There are a lot of links to specific items, and also just a bunch of ideas that you can find at just about any big box store. Have fun shopping!

red christmas stocking with toys in it
  1. Chocolate Santas
  2. Their favorite snack in mini size, like Goldfish, Cookies, Nuts and Fruit snacks
  3. Their favorite candy, full size or mini
  4. Jolly Rancher Candy canes
  5. Gum or mints
  6. Holiday themed treats
  7. Chocolate Reindeer Poop
  8. Paint brushes
  9. Watercolor sets
  10. Flair Thin Felt Markers
  11. Smencils
  12. Super Magnetic Putty
  13. Small Notepads
  14. Finger paints
  15. Erasers
  16. Invisible Ink Pens
  17. Beads
  18. My Squishy Little Dumplings
  19. Purple Glue Sticks
  20. Kinetic Desk Toys
  21. Kwik Stix Tempura Painting Sticks
  22. Tattoo Pens
  23. Kinetic Sand
  24. A new ornament for the tree
  25. Novelty games
  26. Candy Filled Candy Cane shapes
  27. Christmas socks
  28. Cheap holiday toys (tops, ball mazes, etc.)
  29. Socks
  30. Sunglasses
  31. Charm Bracelet
  32. Lip Smackers Balm
  33. Gloves
  34. Scarf
  35. Hair ties, scrunchies and clips
  36. T-shirt with favorite character
  37. Super Hero Masks
  38. Small Toy cars
  39. Small packs of Legos
  40. Bouncy Balls
  41. Pokemon Cards
  42. Rhino Hero Card Game
  43. Uno
  44. Monkey Foam
  45. MagMen Magnets
  46. Rubiks Cube
  47. Japanese Kendama
  48. Fart Whistle
  49. Scalp Massager
  50. Silly drinking straw glasses
  51. 32 Ways to Dress Baby Animals Activity Book
  52. Jumprope
  53. Sidewalk Chalk
  54. Harmonica
  55. Whistles
  56. Bubbles
  57. Balloon Animal Kit
  58. Jelly Bean Boozled Game
  59. Fingerlings
  60. Small Books
  61. Flash cards
  62. Magazine subscription (We love National Geographic Kids)
  63. Calculator
  64. Trivia games (Like BrainQuest)
  65. Wendy’s Frosty gift certificates (supports the Dave Thomas Adoption Foundation)
  66. Stickers
  67. Tattoos
  68. Cash/Coins
  69. Movie Tickets
  70. Video games
  71. Wallet
  72. Silly Bandz
  73. Mini Speakers
  74. Playdough (get a recipe to make your own here)
  75. Silly Putty
  76. Silly String
  77. Rubber duckies
  78. Mini stuffed animals
  79. “Just add water” growing capsules
  80. Nail polish
  81. Coupon book with dates with mom, etc.
  82. Small Flashlight
  83. Domino
  84. Multi-colored pens
  85. Band-aids
  86. Mini plastic animals
  87. Post-it notes
  88. Washi tape
  89. Finger Puppet Playset
  90. Brush or comb
  91. Magic tricks
  92. Earbuds
  93. Crazy socks
  94. Hand squirrel
  95. Slap bracelets
  96. Collections (rocks, coins, etc)
  97. Character toothbrush
  98. Yummy smelling soap/body wash
  99. Lotion
  100. Character Underwear (little kids love this!)

Gifts for Everyone on Your List

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Not sure what to get? Gift cards to their favorite store, fast food or ice cream always make a great gift, no matter their age.  

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  1. Ashley R says:

    I got bandaid for my kids stockings this year. We also always do a chocolate orange, a snack and a drink.

    1. Kristin Maxwell says:

      Bandaids are always fun! I haven’t had a chocolate orange in ages, but I remember loving them. Going to have to look for them!

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    SOOOO cute & LOVE all the fab stocking ideas! I also adore the little red felt bird ornament from her shop!

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    This is my first year filling stockings– the family has been missing out.

    Cthulhu pouch!