First Day of School Photo Signs and Interviews

Be ready for those classic Back to School photos with these First Day of School Signs and Interviews!

Be ready for those classic Back to School photos with these First Day of School Signs and All About Me Interviews! Includes preschool & TK thru High School.

Can you believe July is practically half over?? I can’t either…I’m just going to pretend that it’s still March and we’re getting ready for Easter. Seriously, though, the year has really just flown by and I’m finding myself getting ready to start prepping for Back to School is just less than a month! My kids are going to be starting a new school this year since we’re moving, so if you have any helpful tips, I’d love to hear them!

Free printable first day of school photo signs

One helpful tip I have for YOU is to make sure and record each year of your child’s growth with first day of school (and last day, of course) photos! I always have my kids either wear their backpack or have it sitting next to them, because the backpack they pick shows so much of their little personalities. Sometimes it’s the lunch box, too.


Hard to believe that was nearly three years ago! He’s starting 3rd grade this year! Oh, and if you like those chalkboard signs, you can get them HERE.

But if you came here for the new 2016 First Day of School Signs, here they are! There’s a printable interview, too. It’s fun to see how their likes and dislikes change over the years, so be sure to do one of these each year. Be ready for those classic Back to School photos with these First Day of School Signs and All About Me Interviews! Includes preschool & TK thru High School.





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Be ready for those classic Back to School photos with these First Day of School Signs and All About Me Interviews! Includes preschool & TK thru High School.

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  1. I used these for prek and am saving them for every year! Thank you!
    Do you have matching LAST day of school signs?

  2. I love you site! Thank yo so much! I absolutely LOVE your printable. So much fun stuff for the kiddos! Thank you Kristin!!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Hey there Kristin! I just wanted to take a moment & thank you for these first day of school signs!! You are such a blessing to our family! We’ve been using your signs for a couple years & this year is no exception! Thank You for taking the time to make them & share them with all of us! Our children always look forward to holding their sign every year & it has to be their Yellow Bliss Road sign ALWAYS!! <3 Sending lots of love your way!! <3

  4. I’m interested in the First day of Kindergarten, however I am only able to see the dirst day of 1st grade and on.

  5. Thank you for these gorgeous signs and the interview. .I love how colourful they are. I have included them in round-up post featured on my blog -

  6. Hi! Love the interview signs and matching first day signs. Around here we call it 3k and 4K. My son will be in 4K this year. Any chance you could/would add a 4K poster so I could use it and have a matching set for the years to come? I would love it and I’m sure there are many 4K parents looking for the same thing!! Thank you.

  7. Hey. I printed downloaded these last year & now I for some reason can’t print the, out for PK (looking for interview). Do you have the old ones available or are they now updated ones?

  8. Is there any possible way to make a last day of school print out that matches the first day of school ones with the books I desperately need a kindergarten one

    1. I’m working on getting them up – so sorry, I had forgotten to post them! Watch for them in the next day or so.

  9. Do you have the link for last day of school signs with the books? When I search it only brings up chalkboard ones?

  10. Any chance you’ve made the LAST day of school signs yet?! I LOVE the First day signs and the Interview!

      1. I’m finding some great last day of school signs that are chatboard style and a colorful one, but I don’t see any that match these (stack of books)? Am I missing them somehow? Thanks so much!!

  11. I would love to print these signs for my kids first day of school but when I try to click on link, it keeps trying to “pin” it (Pinterest)? I’m using my iPhone so maybe it’s a “mobile” issue. But no printing prompts pop up when I try to click on “First Day of K…”
    Am I doing something wrong?

  12. I love all of these printables! I am making a binder for each of my kids through high school. Printing has been very smooth until I tried printing the First day of school interview. The only part that prints in color on that one for me is the grade and school section. Can you help? Thanks for posting these!

  13. Thanks for providing the transitional kindergarten sign. I was having a hard time trying to decide what kind of sign to print for my daughter as she isn’t in pre-k again but isn’t doing full day kindergarten either. I had never heard the term transitional kindergarten, but it is perfect!

  14. I was trying to find the last day interview page that I thought I read would be free as well. I am having a hard time finding it. Can you please help?

  15. Thank you–love the First Day signs. I can’t believe how quickly our summer has flown by! I think the idea of the first day interview is neat, but the link takes me to last day signs 😉

  16. Found you on pinterest. the first day of school signs & interviews are adorable. Just letting you know the link to the signs doesn’t work.